Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tricky t-day ~ bang you're dead

The other day, I taught Misty the "bang you're dead" trick. She learned it in two seconds.

I had tried to teach it to her before, but she wouldn't budge. I thought she must be getting better at learning.

I couldn't wait to show Jeff when he got home.

Before I demonstrated, I told him, "The only thing is, I have to hold the gun to her head."

He watched, laughed and said, "She's not doing a trick, she's trying to get away from your finger."

He was probably right. She hates things hovering over her head.

Poor dog.

I tried it the next day without physical contact, and Misty very dramatically rolled to her side. She really is quite charming doing the "bang" trick.

Therefore, this week's tricky t-day video features Misty! I threw in Oreo doing his version of "bang" too. I'm still using the clicker with him on this trick, since he doesn't like to put his head down at the end. I'm clicking for him putting his head on the ground and holding it there a second.

However, he's working on playing dead right now too, and I'm hoping to combine the two tricks soon for a much more dramatic effect. Play dead is tough if your dog already knows "roll over", because he wants to keep going. Maybe next week we'll be ready. Or not.

Any time Misty learns something new I get so excited. I expect it from Oreo, he's my over achiever, but not from her.

It was a little bit difficult to get them to focus on doing tricks when I shot this video. While I was setting up the camera, Oreo nosed his way into my treat bag (which I stupidly had left open on the floor) and I caught him red handed (nosed?) gobbling up the treats. The whole time we were doing the tricks, they were both obsessed with the treat bag.


betty said...

I LOVE Tricky Tuesday. Misty and Oreo put on a such a great show with their Bang, Bang that I had to watch the video twice.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Misty's bang is adorable!!! The way she waves her paw around a few times before she collapses on her side! Too funny! And her marching is so cute too! Way to go, Misty - star of the show!

We love your Tricky Tuesday videos too!

madcobug said...

Awwww, they were both so cute. Misty got that down pat, she also marches good. Oreo is so funny running his circles. They both did their bang bang trick really well. Helen

Jules said...

So cute! I love how patient Oreo was for his turn!

Dawn said...

Such cuties you have! I was teaching Katie to "WAIT!" while I throw her ball, then "GO GET IT!" when I command her to...and she was dong great until I figured she deserved a treat for that...got the treat bag out and then all she did was focus on the treat bag. DARN! LOL!

I love watching Oreo and Misty learn new things!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Good tricks! I like to learn stuff, thinking is a good way to make yourself tired if its raining outside, or too hot. Misty is very cute doing the "bang" trick.
your pal, Morgan

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! Ha! I loved how you had to shoot several times to get Oreo to "die"!! :-) Maybe you need a machine gun next time!

So cute also when he was doing his own little dance while Misty was marching - you could do a Pairs Routine with the 2 of them together - that would be something to look at!! :-)

I've stupidly taught Honey to lie flat using the "tummy rub" command - wish now I thought of something snazzier & funnier like this "bang" thing! Anyway, it takes her so long to do anything, especially lying down, it would be like an elephant going down with a tranquiliser gun!


Diana said...

Very cute. I love the way Misty dies. It like watching a overly dramatic kid do a death seen. Every time you think they are dead, just one more jerky movement or cough. lol cute. Diana

Nicki said...

They are so cute!

Dad said...

Sara you are doing a wonderful job. We are all proud of you, and glad that we ever met you. DAD

Izzie said...

Your dogs are so cute! I LOVE Misty's slow death...