Tuesday, September 1, 2009

trial photos

Here are the photos from our trial on Saturday. Dottie got a great photo us after our jackpot run. I was so happy, and it shows! I didn't even know she was taking that photo, though it looks posed.

fullhouse - rain run




Overall, I think Oreo looks less stressed in these photos than he did at the July trial. No tongue flicking at all that I noticed. A few where he's looking to the side though.


Diana said...

You are even smiling when its raining. Good for you. I could learn some things from you. Diana

Dawn said...

What great shots. I thought Oreo looked a bit put out on the beginning of the full house, his ears were flat. But maybe he just runs with flat ears! :) Congratulations again on a wonderful trial! GOOD BOY OREO!

Sara said...

You're right Dawn, flat ears does mean he's a bit stressed. His first run is always his most stressful.

Diana, It is almost embarrassing how much I smile! People must think, "What the hell is she smiling about, her dog is crawling through the course?" LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great photos as always! The one of you and Oreo at the end of the jackpot run is terrific! I hope you are buying it! I also liked the second tire photo from the standard run and several of the jumping photos in the last two runs.

Jules said...

I LOVE the photo of you and Oreo after Jackpot. That's awesome!