Sunday, September 27, 2009

polish pooch

We went to the Polish Fest Saturday at a local church. After filling up on kielbasa, pierogis, and potato pancakes, we went inside to look at some things for sale. I saw this bandanna:

I always wanted to get a bandanna for Oreo, and thought this one was cute, being that I'm 3/4ths Polish. But, I thought it was too expensive. Jeff surprised me and bought it while I was looking at another table. Guess the money he saved dumpster diving made the price not seem so bad.

Back at home, the minute I took the bandanna out of the bag, Oreo was jumping up and down. How did he know it was for him?

He wanted it! I put it around his neck, and he got even more excited!

Maybe next year they will have one that says "Crazy Polish Pooch". Who knew a bandanna could get a dog so excited.

Too bad Planet Dog doesn't make a red & white orbee ball to go with his bandanna. As soon as the grass dies, we'll switch back to Oreo's more manly blue/green version. That one is too hard to find in the grass, that's why we use pink in the summer. Maybe we should use the glow in the dark one with the orange continents. That would match his bandanna best.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo's bandana is too cute!! It's so funny that he got all excited about it!

We saw a bi-black Sheltie at the trial this weekend with a little spot of white on its' hip/rump that so reminded us of Oreo!

Dawn said...

Looking pretty spiffy there Oreo!

100% Polish dad said...

no wonder he is so smart.

madcobug said...

Awww, how cute he looks. He was proud of his new banddanna. Helen

betty said...

Your Carrot Top Nanny would love Oreo in bandana. What a cutie.