Monday, September 21, 2009

over the moon

Oreo found one of his old favorite toys, the moon, the other morning, and started tearing it apart. Again! I've sewed the dollar store moon back together countless times.

Once I turned the camera on Oreo stopped his antics, and Misty stole the show.

This video qualifies for my "everyday dog activities series". Which means it is a video of my dogs just being themselves. I highly recommend making some videos like this of your own dogs. How I wish I had some of Munchman.

Misty rarely plays with toys anymore. Therefore, I was especially excited to witness and catch this on video. It really is a video for me, but I'm sharing it with the world anyway! That's what we do these days, isn't it?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Jeff blew up a bunch of tools. Well, he has replaced most of them. Since he was on a buying spree, he bought a few extras too. Including a lathe.

Silly me, thought Jeff was going to use the lathe to make legs for a new coffee table that we desperately need. The corners of our current one were all gnawed away by Oreo when he was a puppy.

Well, apparently you can buy table legs premade at big box home supply stores.

For now, the lathe is being used to make homemade wooden pens.

Yes, they are cool & beautiful, but I can't really put my feet up on them can I? And can't you buy pens premade at Staples?


Oh well. He's having fun creating them. That's what counts. Now, if he would make a gel pen, I'd get excited. I'm a gel pen connoisseur.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very cute video! You're absolutely right that we should be making some everyday life videos - we think that every time we watch one of yours!

The pens are beautiful! Maybe Jeff will make coffee table legs soon?

madcobug said...

That video was cute. Our dogs pull the stuffing out of toys also. I have sewn up many toys on account of that. I took a video of these two dog wrestling yesterday. I suppose I will post them on my blog soon. Jeff does a beautiful job on those pens. Helen

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Misty & Oreo - you should be glad you don't live with MY human - she makes videos of EVERYTHING I do - me walking, me eating, me sleeping, me pooing...oops! Yes, that too - but thank goodness, she doesn't share those things on my blog!! I only allow her to put on the glamorous stuff - hee! hee! :-)

Hey - I like to de-stuff my toys just like that too! And my human keeps pushing the stuffing back and stitching it up again too!

I thought it was so cute how Oreo was running around and around the table in the video! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Diana said...

Those are very nice pens. But I see what you mean about putting your legs up on them. Im trying to watch the video but YouTube is having trouble. Diana

Nicki said...

It is hard to beat a gel pen. But those look very professional!

Dawn said...

Once again, a truly cute video. I'm surprised the Oreo let Misty get away with stealing his moon toy! The pens are beautiful. Maybe he just doesn't know you'd like table legs....or maybe he's just practicing on the pens...or maybe you can just stack up a BUNCH of pens and use them as table legs?