Friday, September 4, 2009

never a dull moment

Jeff has a bunch off outdoor projects on his ever expanding "to do" list.

Last weekend, Jeff was working on a project, cutting up some wood. He burned out one saw. He tried another saw, that one broke too. He went to the garage to get a third, but remembered he had burned that one out previously and had never replaced it.

That project will have to wait. Good thing home depot is running a sale right more, save more, on power tools. Looks like we'll be buying "more".

Frustrated, Jeff decides he needs to accomplish SOMETHING on his day off (funny, because I've had over 60 consecutive days off and felt no desire to accomplish anything).

Jeff gets out the pressure washer to clean the house.

He cleans two sides of the house. Then, I hear some mumbling and grumbling and banging.

I go outside and ask what's up.

Well, now he's blown up the pressure washer.

For the record, that's two power saws and a pressure washer in one day. This was a costly day off. Maybe Jeff should have gone to work, or just sat around and relaxed.

Yesterday, we bought a new pressure washer. I was "helping" Jeff hook it up (actually he was begging me to please go inside and stop watching him). Just before I left, I warned him, "The hose reel has a kink in it, you have to pull it away from the wall to get the kink out, otherwise you don't get good water pressure." I use the hose to water my plants, so I should know.

Jeff looks at me in disbelief. Drops his shoulders. Rolls his eyes up.

Uh oh. What's wrong now?

"A kink? Well, that's why the other pressure washer blew up. It wasn't getting any water. The motor burns out if it doesn't have water. That was a $100 kink."


Jeff walks over to the hose reel, flips it completely over, and voila! The kink is gone!

Who knew it was that easy? I was in awe of his genius.

He asked, "The thought never occured to you to flip the reel over to get the kink out?"

Ummmm, nope, and that kink has been annoying me all summer.

Later that night, Jeff was cooking dinner. He put a bag of rice in the microwave. One of those 90 second uncle ben mixes.

We hear a loud POP. Really loud. Scary loud.

"What the hell was that?" Jeff asks.

I'm afraid to look at the microwave, because I'm convinced it will be engulfed in flames.

I said, "Did you open the bag before you put it in the microwave?"

"No, was I supposed to?"

We both look at the microwave.

Jeff says, "Well, looks like the bag is open now."

Ah, life with Jeff. Never a dull moment.

At least he didn't blow up the microwave. It still works.


madcobug said...

So if Jeff knew to flip the hose thingy over maybe if had of done it the washer wouldn't have blown up the first time LOL. I bet you were both glad to go to bed before anything else blew up. Helen

Diana said...

Life, if it isnt one thing its another. Things break all the time here. Our wet vac is still broken. It just needs a new switch, but we havent gotten it yet. Im glad the microwave was ok. Ours has a few black marks in it from kids putting the wrong things in it. Diana

Dawn said...

Sounds like a long, stressful, expensive day off. I agree, he should have watched sports on TV or something.

Nicki said...

when it rains it pours!

Josh and Jess said...

Oh Sara, you made us laugh! This reminds me of an old Tom Hanks movie - I can't remember what it was called! What an expensive day off :)

Sara said...

I often think if I had cameras following me around (especially to school) it would make for a very funny reality show.

LaVonne said...

I DO enjoy your blog, Sara. Thanks for writing it.