Sunday, September 20, 2009

more 270 work

Friday night, I set up 3 jumps, and later a tunnel to do some more 270 practice. Oreo is getting good at reading my palm up and listening for my "out" cue. Even when my hand cue was wrong, he still went on verbal cue. My teacher had mentioned in class last week, when we had a long stretch of grass between a jump and the dogwalk, that Oreo was running a bit aimlessly until I said "walk it". Then, he got focused immediately.

I need to keep that in mind. Oreo likes me to talk to him, and clearly knows the meaning of words. I think all the time we spend training tricks has helped encourage his vocabulary.

Ha! Sounds like I'm talking about one of my students, not a dog! Let's see, I'd put his knowledge of vocabulary at a 3:5 Grade Equivalent.

In class on Wednesday, my teacher had me see if Oreo could find the tunnel entrance with me behind a curved tunnel. He did so with no problem. I set it up at home, but I don't think I curved the tunnel enough to make it as challenging as it was in class.

We had some distractions to work with in the yard. My neighbor's dog was randomly running by, which usually sends Oreo running back in the house. Plus, they were chopping down a tree. I was proud of Oreo for being able to focus on me through a lot of that.

I call this video "monkey in the middle". I'm the monkey! The one standing in the middle, flapping her arms about!

You just have to go watch the video of our friend, Honey the Great Dane's, first swimming lesson. Make sure you watch until the end. It is priceless.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very good 270 exercise! Oreo reads you very well! The second Misty stopped I knew it was because she thought she deserved a treat - and she did deserve one! :)

We just watched Honey's swimming lesson right before we came over to your blog and you're right - it's priceless and you have to watch to the end!

the hip dad said...

I keep trying to pick up the difference in hand signals and i can't. guess the dogs are more astute than I.

honey works without treats.

Mom said...

Oreo is a Pro and Blue Ribbon winner but Misty did great too. What she won't do for treats.

Loved the video of Honey. I know you are now searching the web for a nice warm doggie pool for Oreo and Misty. I can't wait to see Oreo diving off the dock next summer.

the hip dad said...

just watched it again with sound and enjoyed ernie williams

madcobug said...

Oreo and Misty both did very good. That other video was priceless. Cute swimming in her sleep. Helen

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, I think Oreo is so clever for distinguishing so well between doing the jumps straight or from the "out" side like you taught him!!

Thanks for mentioning our video! Am so glad everyone enjoyed it!! :-)

Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane