Thursday, September 10, 2009

losing momentum

I've noticed in class and at our run thrus on Monday, that when I have to stop to get Oreo to execute some jumps, we run into problems. If I stop, Oreo loses momentum, whether it is due to confidence, my handling, or other issues I haven't figured out yet. I think he doesn't understand why I'm stopping, and really doesn't like it at all.

I set up the first 4 obstacles in the jumpers course we did on Monday (it is definitely not an exact replica, my memory is not that great). It was a tough course. I must have walked it ten times. We lost momentum on the third jump in.

He didn't lose as much momentum at home though. However, once I added the tunnel, he kept sucking right into the tunnel. He would never have done that at school (at least he never has). Apparently we have different issues at home than we do at the field.

Isn't that great?

I did see a lot of errors in my handling while watching the videos! I needed to move toward the third jump earlier. I might need to think more about where my feet are, like Diana has to do with Miley. I rely a lot on my arms, which were a mess, but Oreo is so close to me, how can he even see my arms half the time? Perhaps doing agility in flip flops is also a bad idea. It's not like I don't own many pairs of sneakers. But that would mean I would have to put on socks, and actually TIE my shoes. Work.

We had a great agility class last night. I'll post more about that later.

School starts today! Yea! I love the first day of school. Just don't ask me how I'm feeling on the 78th day of school, it might be a different story! LOL.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

First of all, good luck with the first day of school! It's really cool that you are excited to go back!

Mom forces herself to put on sneakers most of the time when we practice in the backyard. We saw my dad spend two months of the summer lying on the couch with a sprained ankle and that made mom not want to slip while wearing flip flops and doing agility (not what happened to dad of course!).

Our instructor keeps telling mom that she needs to come up with unconventional handling moves to keep my momentum going. Like running around the outside of jumps. It's a lot more running for the handler. She has a hard time doing it but when she does, it really motivates me to move. Maybe you could try moving to the landing side of the third jump and front crossing to get Oreo to go over it - then I'm not sure what you do next to get him in the tunnel from that position. Just a thought....

madcobug said...

You can see that he really watches your arms for commands. Helen

Dawn said...

Yep he looks confused sometimes! That bark was probably to say "Are you SURE?" :) But you can still tell he's having fun.

Diana said...

Watch the video again. Your postion was the same when you wanted him to take the tunnel and when you didnt want him to take the tunnel. You shouldnt go in so deep if you need him to pull back to take that jump. Pushing in so deep pushed him into the tunnel. Dont go as deep and go more lateral. See if that helps. ( I hope this makes sense) Good luck with the first day of school!

Sara said...

Diana, That makes sense. I tend to over handle and not trust him to take jumps. I need to stop doing that.