Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm the problem

Thank you to everyone who commented on my weave pole post the other day. Perhaps we should have our own little weave pole forum. I appreciated all your suggestions, encouragement, discouragement and bits of sanity. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking.

I never thought we "had a problem" with weave poles, until some else mentioned their dog starting slow and getting faster as being a problem. Suddenly, I had a problem.

The problem was me wanting something to fix, even though there was nothing broken.

Lesson learned.

Today, I went out in the yard, with 12 poles, a couple jumps and Oreo's favorite ball. No clicker, no treats, no random rewards. Here's a video.

I think you'll see what you all knew anyway.

My dog thanks you for setting me straight.

Playtime is soooooo much better than training.

Greg said that his border collie, Skye, does the poles in 2.5 seconds! Impressive! Of course, now I will be timing Oreo's weaves. Watching the video, I figured Oreo was doing them in about 4 seconds (my hip Dad will double check, he doesn't go anywhere without a stopwatch). Not too shabby, especially since the grass was wet, and covered with some leaves already. Oreo did slip a bit in that first pass.


Greg S said...

Wow Sara, I would say Oreo is not having any trouble motivating through the weaves with his favorite ball. Lots of drive there, and it looked like was in the 3 - 3.5 second range.
Last year I made a video of Skye's weave training with the frisbee vs. at a trial. You can see it here if you like :
Skye Video

From recent trial footage, Skye is going a bit over 3 seconds in the weaves. I have yet to get him to drive as fast as when I have his favorite frisbee!

Diana said...

Yea, no weave pole problems there. I didnt realize you thought you had a problem. I thought you were just talking about what the teacher said. One thing you have is excellent weaves , even in a trial when your dog can turn his head an look at something but still weave. Impressive. Diana

Sara said...

Greg, That was a really cool video. I love the side by side comparison.

I'll have to look at some old trial footage and time Oreo's weaves. It will be painful for sure. Nothing like at home with the ball. But Diana is right, he can weave, even while glaring at the photographer.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, Oreo knows what he is doing in the weaves! I think consistent speed will come as he gets more and more comfortable and confident in all settings.

That glaring at the photographer and still weaving is sheltie multi-tasking! The other day in class, I kept weaving (extremely slowly though) so that I could sniff stuff I saw on the floor along the way. But I didn't pop out or miss a single pole!

Dawn said...

You always make me laugh Sara! Glad you don't have a problem! Oreo was telling you that all along! Right now Katie is telling me "GET OFF THAT DARN COMPUTER MOM! I WANT TO PLAY! so I have to go.

betty said...

That was awesome!

Honey the Great Dane said...

bloody hell, Oreo - 4 SECONDS?? I'm lucky if I can do them in 4 MINUTES!! :-) Gosh - and I thought MY human was an over-achieving perfectionist!!