Saturday, September 26, 2009

dumpster diving

Jeff sold a remote control airplane on EBay. He no longer has the box it came in. So, he went to the UPS store, where they sell you a box, pack and ship your item.

When he walked in, Jeff asked the clerk how much it was going to cost. The clerk said, "We'll have to see."

The clerk proceeded to pack the plane in a box, adding peanuts and such. Then, he gave Jeff the price to ship the plane to Miami. $75.

Jeff said, "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to unpack it. I'm not paying that much."

My, ever resourceful, husband goes to the adjacent Walmart.

No, he does not go in the store to buy a box.

He goes dumpster diving.

When Jeff comes home, he shows me this fabulous box he found in Walmart's dumpster. Perfect size.

Then, he explains, the box was for some sort of battery display.

I was wondering how he knew what the box had been used for.

He complained, "Now, look what I have to get rid of."

In his truck, and our garage, are pieces of an actual battery display. Including instructions on how to assemble it.

Looks to me like the store never bothered to put it together.

I told Jeff, "I bet they couldn't figure out how to assemble it, that's why they threw it out. Maybe they would pay you to assemble it."

He said, "They should pay me for getting rid of their garbage. I just cleaned out our basement, now I have to get rid of Walmart's garbage."

Well, I guess that's what you get for dumpster diving.

At this point, I could not stop laughing. It's not everyday you see Walmart display cases at your home. Has it ever happened at your house?

Jeff said, "Here let me arrange all this stuff for you. I know you're dying to take a picture of it, and put it on your blog."

(he's such a good sport)

Jeff told me, "You would not believe the great things you'd find in that dumpster. If you had a big truck, you could really make out well there. There's office furniture and building supplies...."

Later, Jeff finished packing the plane up himself, and printed a UPS label out online.


Anyone want to buy a battery display?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very funny! I doubt that life with Jeff is ever boring!

Just Bill said...

Lisa, your Jeff is a wise and frugal man. $75 was outrageous. He did what I wuld have done in that situation.
H\Jeff is a keeper, as I am sure you know.

I really enjoy your blod and look forward to each new post.

Hope you are recovering and on your way back to normal. Jeff and the animals need you, Love to you both, Bill

madcobug said...

He got a good deal, now where to dump the battery stuff?

the hip dad said...

jeff could probably sell it on ebay as well as the other stuff in the dumpster. hilarious.

Diana said...

You two are to funny!! Diana

Nicki said...

Mine is also always teasing about stuff being "bloggable" or "blogworthy"

Dawn said...

what used to be just funny stories in our lives now take on new meaning as we get to share them over the blogosphere!