Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a dog year

For anyone who has HBO, one of my favorite books, A Dog Year, by Jon Katz, has been made into a movie(click to see preview). I've been waiting and waiting for it to be aired.

Finally, it will be on HBO on September 3. I'm sure it will come out on DVD at some point. Most of those HBO movies do, but I couldn't take the risk and miss it. I signed up for HBO this month just so I could watch the movie! That's how much I want to see it. I've read the book at least 5 times. It's always good for a laugh, or a good cry.

I was lucky enough to have my copy of the book signed by the author. He lives locally, and does several readings a year.

This book ultimately led me to Oreo. I fell in love with the dog on the cover, and longed for a black and white dog with intense brown eyes. When I saw 3 sheltie puppies, two sable color, and one tiny black & white one, I thought....that's my dog. Thanks Mr. Katz.


Diana said...

Im glad this is coming out for you and that you are so excited for it. As for me , Ive only read one of his books and didnt like it at all. But Im glad something good came out of his book, you looking for Oreo. That makes me feel better. Diana

Sara said...

I don't know which book you read, but I know his book, A Good Dog, is very controversial with the dog world. I had a lot of difficulty reading it myself. Partially because I already felt quite attached to the dog from reading previous books! However, I don't know what I would have done if I was in his position.

I do know that since that time, he has done tremendous therapy work with his dogs in the hospice program. Those stories are so inspiring. His dogs have really touched the souls of people on the brink of death. I can't think of better work for a dog than that.

Jules said...

Oh!! I have read som eof his books - not this particular one. I'll have to watch it (we currently have HBO for True Blood).