Sunday, September 13, 2009

backyard practice

After doing lots of paperwork for school on Saturday morning, I set up our agility class sequence in the yard. I think it took longer to set up than to run!

For the past few days, I had been practicing our new "out" command with Oreo on the flat.

"Out" will mean he needs to go around something and come back toward me. In agility, he needs to take the back side of a jump, to do a 270. I've been sending him "out" around various objects...the tripod, garden statues, cushions, jump poles, name it.

It seems to have paid off. When, I said "out" during this sequence, even though my body language wasn't the best, Oreo still did his job.

Misty got out to play too. She did well, her confidence is slowly growing, although she is very sensitive to any slight movements I make. I think Misty gets bored of this quick, and prefers to get back to her lookout point (her real job), but doesn't want to miss out on any treats.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

The puzzler looks like a lot of fun! We printed off both of your exercises from your class and we plan on trying them today!

Misty did great! She has come such a long way. And she was a fabulous motivator for Oreo - he was tons faster after watching her do it - too bad he can't watch her run at a trial and then take his turn!

Dawn said...

I'm noticing that you don't have to run around as much, they're both following directions with you further away! :)

Diana said...

Very nice. Oreo must really pick up things quick if he already has "out". Good for you guys. Diana