Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tricky t-day - sidesteps

I'm teaching the dogs to do sidestepping. Misty picked this up really quick. I filmed this last week on tricky t-day. I'd would've preferred to have perfected it a bit before filming, but wanted to have something to post while I was on vacation!

I think Misty is doing it fine....I'm the one who needs perfecting! I need to figure out my timing, so she isn't tripping over her own feet. Part of the problem was the grass was too high I think.

With the sidesteps, I am looking for a cross of the front paws. We threw in some scoots too.

I haven't been able to find any freestyle classes around here. Strange, because there is so much agility and obedience. Too bad...we could really use some professional help and the dogs seem to like doing it. I'll keep asking around, maybe I'll stumble on something.


madcobug said...

Misty did really good on that. A big hand for her. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Love it! Misty does side stepping so well! Good for her!

Diana said...

You guys would be excellent at freestyle. I hope you find something. Also you can just send your routines into the judges by tapes and get judged that way. You dont even have to leave the house. Diana

Dawn said...

Such a girl! Are they working on anything while they're on vacation? Or are they just lounging around enjoying the view?

betty said...

Misty's sidestep has me smiling from ear to ear. She could be Gene Kelly's partner. Of course, you're good, too. What fun. Do you add the music after the sidesteping?

Sara said...

No, the dogs aren't working on much during vacation. Just lounging and eating.

Aunt Betty,
I did add the music after I made the video.

Lian said...

I tried to catch up with all blogs and found this amazing video of Misty doing her sidesteps. The music and the moves are brilliant!! You can't tell she is a veteran dog! It would be so good if you can take her to a freestyle class, she will be so good at it!!