Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tricky t-day - a hodge podge

We didn't spend a lot of time this week working on new tricks. I wanted to rest Oreo for his trial.

Oreo was not too happy about my decision. He spent a lot of the week standing in our "trick room" staring up at the clicker and treats. When I would come in the room, he would sit, lift his paw, lay down, cross his paws, and grumble at me until I got the clicker and treats out.

Is that normal dog behavior? He's such an over achiever it's ridiculous.

We have been working on several dance moves for the past few weeks. I have been teaching Oreo to bow, and also to circle around each of my individual legs while weaving thru my legs. I think I got the leg pivot idea while watching a video from the freestyle competition Honey the Great Dane went to. If you haven't checked out Honey's blog, you should! Honey and her mom are very talented freestylers.

Oreo is still doing both tricks with a lot of hand luring. We are working toward more independence. More clicker time needed, I guess.

Misty has been working on leg weaves. Believe it or not, this is a huge accomplishment for her. She hates having things over her head or going under things, so it was hard to get her to go under my leg. I swear we have been working on this since winter time! Finally, Misty is showing signs of confidence with this trick! She trusts that I am not going to fall on her, or kick her in the head. Something major must have fallen on Misty's head in the two years of her life before she lived with us. We had to remove our ceiling fan, because it completely freaked her out.

Anyway, here's this week's video, I didn't realize my head was cropped out of the video until I downloaded it. Guess I underestimated my height! Oh well, it's all about the dogs anyway. Although, I know my nephew only likes the videos if I'm in them too....does half of me count Miles?
I feel like my childhood gymnastic skills are coming in handy all of a sudden. Maybe I can work in a cartwheel.


Lian said...

I like the video espeically seeing Misty weaving between your legs and she gave you her paws too! Too cute!!

Diana said...

Excellent!! Diana

Bob said...

Hi Sara, I hope you gave yourself a treat too! Bob.

the hip dad said...

like those pointed toes.

madcobug said...

Oreo is one smart dog. He can't stand inactivity. Makes you wonder if someone was abusive to Misty before you got her. She did great. Helen

LauraK said...

I think one of our cats was tortured with a ceiling fan or something because she's fine when they're off, but once we turn them on, she jets out of the room. It's so sad!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Another outstanding tricky t-day video! Yes, you definitely have the gymnast's moves down! I vote for a back flip in the next video though (instead of a cartwheel)!

You really should do freestyle - you are so creative and Oreo would do great with it too (or Misty)!

Dawn said...

I think you are a born free-styler! Both dogs are having such a great time, you too! And the legs look like gymnastics or dance, together it makes free style!

Dad said...

That was excelent Sara. Thanks so much for shareing it with us. Sara someone that you know sent me the nicest comment. Will you please thank them for me. DAD

Ludo van Doggy said...

Ah, those moves are looking great! Ludo's like Oreo, wants to be doing something, gets so excited if he sees the clicker come out.

I'd love to do freestyle but classes and competitions are so few and far between here.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh I agree - you should DEFINITELY do Freestyle!! You are fantastic!! I especially like the way that when you move, you ARE trying to make it seem like dance moves - not elaborate steps but just a little bounce or weight shift or the way you hold your legs or even sway your arms - little things like that make all the difference!!

Too many people just seem to march around with their left hand held in Heel position, head down, clumping around, as if they are doing Obedience with music in the background - that is so missing the point!! They think it is all about the dog executing the moves perfectly when freestyle is really about being a team with your dog and the handler's movements and attitude is just as important for the overall harmony and flow of the performance! Unlike Agility or Obedience, this time the human IS 50% of the show and so it matters - but so many people just don't get it!!!

Don't worry about luring - I'm still doing that with Honey most of the time and so are most Freestyler people during practice - dogs seem to follow hand gestures and body language better than voice commands anyway - I notice that the most in freestyle - that the minute I lift my leg a certain way or move my hand a certain direction, (even by mistake!), Honey starts doing a dance move! :-)

Aw...thank you for the nice compliment about us (*blush*!) - we try our best although I really don't feel that Honey is representative of proper freestyle as she just doesn't have the speed or sharpness of the working dogs! :-)