Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trial in the pouring rain!

We went to our DOCNA trial today, even with the threat of rain.

Our first run was the qualifier for nationals. Just as the specialists were starting to run, the downpours started. I told myself I wouldn't run if it was still raining.

However, as I watched the dogs, I saw how great they were all doing in the rain. Most of these dogs had gotten an NQ in July. Hmmmm, maybe running in the rain keeps them cool?

When the interns were up, I walked the course, and decided, oh what the heck. The trial was really small, very few distractions, since everyone was huddled under the tent, even most of the bar setters. I thought, if we were going to qualify, this was the trial it was going to happen. This round is tough for us, because it is at the beginning of the day, and Oreo's first run of the day is usually his worst, as he adjusts to his surroundings.

Jeff said, "Oreo just spent the week with his face stuck in the water." So, I got the OK from him.

I made the right decision! We got 1st place, and qualified for the 2010 DOCNA Nationals at the intern level! Turns out, third times a charm.

Oreo was a bit distracted, but really focused at times too. The second time over the A-Frame, I changed my plan and ran on the opposite side, to put myself between him and the judge. I knew the course was straight after the A-Frame. It worked really well, and helped us keep our speed up.

The rest of the day was dry and overcast~perfect weather for me! Oreo NQ'd his standard run, due to an off course. He took a jump all on his own! I was kind of impressed with his initiative, but it was really my fault, of course.

We 1st & Q'd our strategic time gamble run, and that really surprised me. You have to design your own course, gather points, and then race to the finish in a certain amount of time. We just made it! Whew.

Our last run was jumpers. Again, Oreo 1st & Q'ed, and we got our beginners jumpers title! So, now we move up to intern in jumpers runs. Yea...a challenge!

So, overall a good day.

Here is the video of our North American Challenge run and Standard run. What the heck are the people talking about in the background during my north american challenge run?
Turns out dogs don't forget how to do agility after a week and a half off!

"See the ribbons with the black stuff? Those are my special ribbons for qualifying for nationals! And the rosette is for my new jumpers title! Yea, I'm a superstar!"

"Here, I'm showing humility"


Jules said...

Awesome!! Congratulations. Beautiful ribbons. I love seeing ribbons from different clubs and venues.

madcobug said...

He did great. Guess he thought if mommy didn't mind getting wet then he wouldn't either.Those people talking loudly had to be a distraction. He looks so cute with his ribbons. Helen

Diana said...

WhooHoo great job!!! and in the rain even. Congrats. Diana

the hip dad said...

great job. he looked to be much faster in the second run when he went off course.

Dawn said...

Man! That is so impressive! Good job OREO! I'm just smiling from ear to ear, and he isn't even related to me!

Nicki said...

Awesome. Way to go Oreo!

Josh and Jess said...

Congrats, Oreo, well done. You sure are adding to your collections of ribbons, mate!

Lian said...

Brilliant!! Well done Oreo and of course Sara who handled him so well!!

Dad said...

Sara Dad is so proud of you and Oreo and of cours Misty. You three are the best '

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations!!!! Awesome job! Great runs - even in the pouring rain! Oreo is definitely a superstar!

LauraK said...

that's awesome! Do you think you'll go to Nationals next year? I know it's a long way off, but how exciting to qualify!

Sara said...

I think I will go to nationals, as long as it is not too far away! I heard talk that my teacher is hoping to host nationals at their farm...maybe next year they will let her! That would be perfect.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done Oreo Buddy!
You did so good. I wish My Mum could run as good as yours and keep up with me. BOL! She needs more training.
~lickies, Ludo

betty said...

Whaat a great day! Congratulations.
I think if it is a reasonable drive to Nationals, Oreo WILL be there and collect his ribbons.