Wednesday, August 5, 2009

resting up

I've been resting Oreo today, so he'll be ready for class tonight. I'm anxious to see if they have the field set up for the trial this weekend. There will be two rings.

I thought we would be using the main ring, and then the smaller ring by the indoor facility (which is quite a distance away from the main ring).

Last weekend, I heard that they would be putting up the second ring next to the main ring.

That concerns me. This could create distractions in so many ways. It would decrease parking, so people's cars/gear/dogs may be closer to the rings. Plus, the rings will be going on simultaneously, so that will be a distraction in itself.

I'm hoping that I will see it set up tonight, so I can start making a game plan to help Oreo feel confident.

Our first CPE trial had two rings, and Oreo did great. However, both rings were pretty isolated. There will be another trial at that location the last weekend in October. Sounds like the perfect time for a trial - nice and cold! Little chance of snow. Definitely signing us up for that one.

I haven't trained Oreo at all this week. CPE level two courses are pretty easy for us. We have the skills to do them, if Oreo has the confidence level that day. Although, I still am a bit confused on the Wildcard game rules. I'm hoping to figure it out when I get there, and follow people around when they do their walkthrus (hopefully Glitter's mom is signed up for that run, I like to watch her do walk thrus and ask what her plan is).

I'm hoping class goes better tonight than our run thrus on Saturday! That will make ME feel more confident, and hopefully I can pass that vibe on to Oreo.


Diana said...

I hope it goes well for you. Diana

Jules said...

I hope tonight helps your nerves. I am sure you'll both do great. There are always positives even during stressful days.

Wildcard is a fun game for a dog that stresses. Before I "retired" Ike it was one of his favorite CPE games. Short and sweet. Level 1 and 2 you need to choose two easy options and one hard. There are three instances when you (or your dog - and then you need to adapt) must choose one obstacle over another (A and B). If you search for CPE on my blog I am sure you will find old Wildcard courses or descriptions.

Good luck, again. We'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

Sara said...

Thanks for the info Jules. I read the rulebook, but the instructions didn't make much sense. I think they should include a sample course in the rulebook! I will search for some wilcard courses on your blog.