Saturday, August 1, 2009

not so good run thrus

To sum up our run thrus today....disastrous. We did two run thrus, and both runs were worse than any run we've ever done in a trial.

Oreo was very distracted. He even went around jumps that were right in front of him. It was so unlike him.

I didn't think there were that many more distractions today than there are at a trial, but perhaps Oreo could sense the different tone or saw things I didn't notice. A lot of people there that weren't "agility people", so they didn't really understand the etiquette about keeping their distance from the ring, and keeping their dogs a few feet away from the ring.

There were dogs running flyball right next to the agility ring. They really weren't that loud when Oreo and I were in the ring, but I'm sure he could see them. The funny part was, the closer we got to the flyball side of the ring, the more focused Oreo became. The dogwalk was right next to the flyball. Oreo was slow on the dogwalk, but he didn't stop or look around.

Weird. Maybe he was afraid to look!

The only thing I did different (that I could think of) was I had Oreo do his "line up" like we do in class, but we've never done at a trial. At trials, I squat next to him until we are ready to go, then run with him. I wonder if having him do the line up just got him off on the wrong foot? Or was it the heat? Or the slight eye infection he seems to be developing? Or the fact that we didn't have a class this week?

Argh! Now, I'm all worried about our trial next weekend. Will it be a repeat of today? Or was today just a fluke?

All I know is today wasn't fun for either of us, and that's not good. Hope there's no rain for class this week so we can get back on the positive track.

I did have a lot of people come up to me asking about my "shelties"...where I got them...telling me about their shelties...asking to take my picture. I told all of them about Tippy, the sheltie foster dog, how he's such a sweet dog who needs a home, and he's here today!

Maybe Tippy will find a new home today.

Tired dogs back at home


madcobug said...

Hopefully Oreo will do better next week. Maybe he just didn't feel up to par today. I hope Tippy found a home today or will soon. Helen

the hip dad said...

just chalk it up as a bad day. I took yesterday off from riding (for obvious reasons) and today instead of feeling stronger I felt weaker. my legs just had no pop. not supposed to way it is supposed to be after an off day.

Bob said...

Hi thanks for you comment about bobs mums house. I had a chat with mum she thinks its 150years old. I dident know bob was showing photo.s of haddon hall, because the house belongs to the haddon eastate. they have lived there for over 45 years and its much the same as when they moved there. no central heating just coal fires stone floors and dodgey electrics.
dont you just love dogs no matter what. vicki

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well seems like we all have our off days. There's no real way of knowing what made Oreo so distracted today. Could have been any of those reasons you mentioned or something you didn't even think of. (I think it was the heat!) Try not to worry about it. Next weekend will be a different atmosphere and different day, etc. I know mom is worried about the next time we do a standard run after we got whistled off in our last try. So she's really not one to talk about not worrying!

Sorry you didn't have fun today - we know exactly how you feel though!

Diana said...

Hey I posted the info on the Elicia Calhoun seminar on my blog. I think the click and treat for looking at other dogs running the course may help you. Cant hurt to try. Diana

Jules said...

Oh what a bummer. On the upside, next week will surely have more positives. Take some Bach's Rescue Remedy yourself beforehand!

I would think for a soft dog the flyball practice would be pretty intense.