Saturday, August 29, 2009

hit the jackpot!

Jeff said, "You got all those today! We're going to need a bigger house."

cutest ribbon ever

Well, we didn't come home with any solid blue ribbons, but we got the gingham one!

I checked the doppler this morning, and it looked like the rain was moving east, so I left early to do our Fullhouse run. We got our first fullhouse Q! There were about 7-8 dogs running in our class today. We came in 3rd place. I'm not sure if the placing is based more on points accumulated or time closest to buzzer....have to look that up. If it was points alone I thought we should have been second.

Then, we got a Q on our standard run and got our fancy title ribbon. Our first title in CPE! We came in second. Another sheltie beat us by a second!

Onto colors. I chose the circles course, so we could avoid Oreo slow poking it on the dogwalk. Good move, we Q'ed and came in 2nd. Again, beat by a second by the other sheltie. However, we tied our fastest yards per second record...3.90. If only we could get over that 4.oo hurdle!
Our last run was jackpot (gamblers). This was the run I didn't want to do. It requires working at a distance. You accumulate points for 35 seconds, a buzzer sounds, and then you have 16 seconds to do the tunnel, and 3 jumps behind the dotted line. The problem, I'm not allowed to cross the dotted line.

I remembered what Abbie Tamber told us in a part of the gamble in your opening, especially the obstacle you think the dog will have trouble doing.

So, that was my strategy, get 16 points, and include the number 2 tunnel in my opening.

It worked! I have never been happier at the end of a run. That tunnel seemed so far away (it was 8 feet from the line). People were on the other side of the jumps, and Oreo just kept plugging along. I think it was our biggest accomplishment yet.

We came in 3rd, I didn't look too close, but I think it was because the other dogs had accumulated more points. Most did the dogwalk, which was worth 7 points, but I stuck to jumps to keep Oreo happy.

Here is the video of our standard, colors and jackpot runs.

Before our jackpot run, I thought to myself, "If Oreo Q's this, we may just not even trial tomorrow." He really did a lot today.

I'll see how he is acting in the morning. We left on such a good note....I don't want to overstress him.


Jules said...

Woo-hoo Oreo and Sara. What a great day.

Diana said...

Wow, that was awesome!! Congrats. Diana

LauraK said...

what an awesome day for you two! what exactly is colors, I don't even know if we have CPE out here, so I'm not familiar with their games. love the gingham ribbon :)

Mom said...

What a great day! Way to go Oreo and Sara! Having fun is what counts; not the color of the ribbon. And it looks like a fun day was had.

Sara said...

Colors has two different sequences on the same course, either the circle number or the square numbers. You pick which one you want to run...or your dog picks when he gets out there. LOL. A lot of those high drive border collies chose their own course today! So, their handler had to go with that option.

the hip dad said...

what a difference a week makes. last week in shorts this week looks like the trials early in the year. you two look great.

Honey the Great Dane said...

ooh congratulations, Oreo! That was brilliant!! That looked like a really complicated course but you did so well! And what a pretty gingham ribbon! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Josh and Jess said...

Woo-hoo Oreo! Congratulations :) Hope the weather is nice enough for Jeff to start working on the extension to your house :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Another great day of trialing for you two! Congratulations! The CPE courses look very fun! Oreo was totally AWESOME on the distance part of the jackpot course!

I don't know how you keep all the rules straight for all the different runs in CPE and DOCNA!

BTW, mom loves the gingham title ribbon!!!

madcobug said...

Congratulations Sara and Oreo. A very good day. He stayed focused on what he was doing even with that woman out there hollering and the buzzer going off. Helen

Ludo van Doggy said...

Woohoo!! Huge congrats to you both!!
Great runs too.

betty said...

We were away for the weekend. The first thing I did when I got home today was check with my fingers crossed that there was a gingham ribbon. You guys are fantastic.
Love ya. Betty