Thursday, August 6, 2009

helping the economy

Jeff & I decided to help stimulate the local economy today and went to historic Saratoga Race Course, or as its known around here, "the track". We bet on 5 races.
None of the horses we picked won. Could be because we are greedy and typically bet on long shots! A lot of our picks came in second, so it made the races really exciting to watch, especially since our horse lost by only half a horse length or so. We didn't lose all our money, since sometimes we bet for the horse to "place". Alas, the house still won.
Oh well. We had fun. Saratoga racetrack is gorgeous and a great place to people watch. I'm not a horse person, but these horses are beautiful. I wonder how they get their coats so shiny.

walking the horses to the track

warming them up before the gate

even the dirt is beautiful at Saratoga

people of all kinds come to Saratoga to dream of big $$$, place a bet & cheer on their horse, these are the "cheap seats"~ $3

We were sooooo close to winning with our number 5 horse, Mister Triester!!!!!


LauraK said...

those pictures look so familiar! i've taken about 100 of the same thing haha. I absolutely love the Saratoga racetrack, such a fun atmosphere, and it's so beautiful with gorgeous horses all around :) sounds like a fun day!

Diana said...

That black horse it really shinny. It would have been nice if you won. O'well better luck next time. Diana

Nicki said...

Cool photos. I wanted to be a jockey when I was a kid! Later I realized that was so unrealistic but also as I learned more about the industy and about horses I have became concerned about the fact that those are baby horses. How can a not even full grown 3 year old be at his peak? I mean we don't run 6 month old puppies at agility trials. But when money is at stake...

Sara said...

Yes...unfortunately, it is all about the money, big money.

I was concerned yesterday about the horses mental/physical health! Do they want to be doing this? Do they like running? And I was hoping none of them got hurt.

Lian said...

Sorry you didn't win. I've never been to a horse racing before but have been to the Greyhound stadium two Christmas in a row.

Marybeth said...

Maybe not the owners, but I like to think the trainers and even the jockies really love horses, are "horse people" in the same way you (and your loyal readers) are "dog people"-- so hopefully the horses enjoy the training and the chance to run full out in a race! And I'm sure they like being so pretty and having their hair brushed!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom loves horses and has always wanted to have one of her own. But she just has to be happy with me instead - which she is!

Too bad you didn't win big!