Thursday, August 13, 2009

fun class

We had a really fun agility class last night. The first 3 sequences we did had a lot of jump sequences (my favorite), which you could do so many ways.

She got the exercises from clean run. We did exercises 1,2, & 3. Check them out.

I didn't give Oreo a lot of time to get acclimated and he was really distracted at first. Especially when he had to jump toward the driveway, where cars were pulling in/people were getting out of their cars.

Once people settled in, Oreo was much more focused, and we were able to practice a lot of handling techniques.

My teacher suggested putting in more front crosses to keep Oreo moving, and focused, especially near the parking area.

Last week, there was a 270 jump that Oreo just could not read. We really have never trained those before. I had practiced a few in the yard on Monday, with just a single jump set up, as my teacher had suggested.

I was amazed when he did it several times in class last night (for example, in exercise 3, my teacher moved the number 2 cone to the other side of the jump, so we had to do a 270 from jump 1 to jump 2, & then I did another out of the tunnel to the 5 jump)! He really learns fast.

By the last sequence on that course, I felt so good. It was so smooth, and we were so connected. Love when it feels like we're dancing on the field! It is the best!

Whenever we do these jumping sequences, people always say, "You look like a ballerina" or "You are so graceful". I always want to laugh, because I never feel that in control. Last night though, I did. I felt like a dancer, and what better partner than Oreo?

At the end of the night, we walked over to the other ring, where the Level 4/5/C course was still set up from the trial. Oreo and I tried it out. He did it flawlessly, and my teacher said, "That would have been a Q!".

OK, it wasn't completely flawless. The last obstacle was the tire. Through the tire, Oreo spotted one of my teacher's border collies staring at him through the fence. Oreo stopped and stared back.

Overall, it was a super fun class, and I was so happy with Oreo, ADD and all.


Dawn said...

Oh...I'm tearing up it sounds so great! He's just growing by leaps and bounds! And he's having fun, and you're having fun, which is the best. This sounds a lot like when I'm playing in a community band and the music is perfect and I have to stop playing to just sit and listen and am so amazed that I'm there....sort of like that...

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like an awesome class! Glad you had such a good time - we love that feeling of being connected too but it doesn't happen often enough in classes.

Diana said...

That sounds great! Good for you guys. Diana

the hip dad said...

glad you and oreo had a great day. sometimes on a bike you feel you and the machine are a team. sometimes it feels like it is fighting you. team is always better.

Life With Dogs said...

Sounds like Oreo got a little "tired". ;)

Honey the Great Dane said...

We don't know much about agility but it sounds like you had fun!

Dad said...

Getting better all the time. Thanks so much Sara for all the pleasur that you give us in watching you train those two beautiful Shelties I hope that you have a nice weekend,