Thursday, August 6, 2009

feeling better

Oreo did much better in class last night than he did in run thrus. Yea!

My teacher had set up the final course from the European Open. I had just watched a video of it on the Obay Sheltie blog that afternoon! That was ironic.

Oreo was distracted his first run, and I did a lot of clicking and treating to get him focused on me. Even though he was distracted, he still did every obstacle. Once he got going, I started giving him more verbal praise. That seemed to rev him up.

He did one dogwalk super fast!

I did the click/treat for looking at the dog on course like Diana had wrote about on her blog. Also, my teacher had one of her dogs tied to her car. I parked next to her, and brought Oreo out. I click/treated every time he looked at her dog. Then, I brought him closer, click/treated, and kept getting closer and closer.

I was able to get right next to my teacher's dog, and Oreo seemed fine. He even did some tricks right next to the dog. I was impressed, because at times the dog was doing his best "border collie lock eye" and Oreo didn't seem to mind.

They were still in the midst of setting up for the trial, but I have an idea of their plan. The big tent will be between the two rings, so it won't look too different. Just a lot more cars & people.

My plan for Saturday is to do a lot of verbal praise & encouragement as we run. That seems to be what is working for him right now. He needs to hear me get excited and then he gets moving. If I can keep him moving, he'll have less chances to look around.


Diana said...

Sounds like things are coming together. Good for you. Diana

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good plan! Good luck and have FUN!

madcobug said...

Sounds like Oreo will do fine. Good luck! Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad things went well in your class and you feel better now about this weekend's trial! Have fun and good luck!

Nicki said...

When I used to run my Oreo I often had to plan my handling around which things outside the ring might distract him. He got better but it made for some interesting strategies at times. And heaven forbid there be a loud noise before we entered the ring!