Friday, August 14, 2009

dogs gone wild

So you think my dogs are trained and well behaved, right?

Well, here is their "dogs gone wild" video:

This annoying practice began with my first sheltie, Munchkin. He would bark his head off whenever anyone left the house. He passed the fun activity onto Misty, who then passed it down to Oreo.

Lately, Oreo has been putting his softball in his mouth during the game and shaking his head. It is kind of nice, because then he has a hard time barking, and I only have to listen to Misty!

When I watched the video, I noticed my "clicker training" book sitting on the coffee table! I wonder if I missed a chapter? No, I just have given up. I've tried everything. Really. They are just nuts.

I've added this to my "everyday dog" series, since I endure this everyday.

What I have been able to train Misty to do, is to drink from the scary portable water bottle/bowl contraption. We're going on vacation soon, and I thought it would be nice to bring one thing, rather than a water bottle and a separate bowl, if we are out/about with the dogs.

With treats/clicker and a lot of patience, I now have Misty, tentatively, drinking from the scary contraption. I am hoping she will be more eager if it is hot and she is thirsty!

The "bowl" snaps onto the water bottle and has a belt clip. I don't usually like my dogs to eat/drink out of plastic, but for occasional situations I think it will be ok.


Dawn said...

What did you do at the end there, that got them to stand so still for so long, as well as give up on the barking? Whatever that was..>DO IT SOME MORE! LOL! Katie just stands and looks dejected when I leave for work. My previous sheltie, Bonnie, used to look sad, but if I looked back in the front door window after I left, she had always already gone down the hall to go to sleep. Didn't miss us that much!

This crazy barking thing would drive me nuts! I'm hoping you can figure something out soon!

Sara said...

I have no idea what I did to get them stand still. All I did was walk toward the door myself, which usually sets them off. I must have confused them.

I think if it was just Oreo, there would be no barking. He truly thinks this is a game and likes to get Misty going. Misty is the true barker in the family. Oreo, not so much.

Usually, I give them kongs when we leave together, that shuts them up.

Diana said...

Hey now thats more like it. Lol Thats what my shelties do when my kids leave the house. I gave up stopping it too. They also go crazy when the door bell rings. Diana

LauraK said...

haha they are crazy little monsters. it's good to know that my dogs aren't the only ones that go crazy at the door :)

LauraK said...

it's really too bad that they pass those things on to each other too, because Riley used to never do that until Homer taught her, who was taught by Penny. it's like a chain reaction that can't be broken unless you get all new dogs lol.

madcobug said...

Cute video. It's funny when they both stopped all at once and got so quite. Oreo looks cute with his ball. Ours bark if the doorbell rings or someone knocks or they hear a car door slam. They think whoever it is has come to especially see them. They are sad when someone leaves. Helen

madcobug said...

PS I like the bottle bowl thingy. Helen

Nicki said...

That was funny, gotta love those crazy, controlling herding dogs!

Anonymous said...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

LOL! I'm worse than Misty so be glad you don't have me there too!

Bob said...

Hi Sara, My Tommy does the same as Oreo when I leave the garden. He will grab and old soccer ball and shake the living daylights out of it. It must be a dog thing!