Saturday, August 8, 2009

cpe trial-day one

Home from the first day of our trial. I had such low expectations I didn't even bring my video camera. I didn't think our runs would be video worthy, plus I didn't want to have to be looking around for someone to video our run.

It was a good thing, because with two rings going, most people I knew were either working, running their dog, or waiting to run their dog.

My teacher's husband did a great job setting up the two rings. When I arrived, I was shocked to see how little activity there was going to be around the rings themselves. That made me feel better right off the bat. They really put a lot of thought into gate placement, parking, and RV setup.

Our first run was jumpers level 2. The course was easy. Oreo was very uneasy!

Oreo got off to a slow start, and never picked up much speed. He ended up dropping 2 bars. Something that has never happened in a trial before. We even went overtime by 4 seconds.

So no Q, but we did get a second place ribbon. Glitter got 1st & Q! For those who know Glitter (my husband calls her"the crazy dog") - that was huge! I didn't even care that we didn't do so well after seeing her perfect run. Glitter's mom has MS, but she gets out there and runs her dog with the rest of us. She gives me wonderful advice and is always boosting my confidence. Glitter is great in class, but trials tend to make her a "stop sniff, and go visit ring crew dog". So yea Glitter! I'm your biggest fan!

I was disappointed with our run, but after last weekend's horrible run thrus, I was really happy that Oreo was at least taking the jumps, rather than going around obstacles.

Next up was standard level 2. Again, easy course. I was worried about the tire. It was the older tire, and we've been using the thin, foam split tire for the past few months. Glitter's mom assured me Oreo wouldn't notice.

She was right. Oreo did fine on the course. Not super speedy, but not really slow either. He didn't stop at the top of the dogwalk or A-Frame - which we had to do twice!

We ended up 1st & Q. We beat Glitter by hundredths of a second! Yes, Glitter Q'ed again!

Last run was our first try at Wildcard level 2. What a great way to end the day. Super easy, only 12 obstacles and choices! Jules was right....this is a good game for us.

We chose 4a at the tunnel, we took the 6a jump, rather than the weaves to save time, and our b card was the double jump at the end. I think almost everyone did the same thing.

Oreo stuttered a little close to the first tunnel, when he saw a bar setter sitting next to the tunnel. Once he got out of that tunnel, he flew threw the course at his top speed! Yea! 1st & Q'ed and a good way to end the day.

He did that run in 3.15 yards per second. Not his fastest ever, but good speed for him, considering this was his biggest trial yet.

We'll see if he can rest up some for tomorrow. I have us signed up for 4 runs, but I'll scratch some if he's too tired. We have another CPE the last weekend in August, so if we skip a couple runs, we can always try for some more Q's that weekend.

Big Yawn!

"Yea, I brought home the blue and the Q!"


betty said...

What a dog! What a champ! What a terrific day! Well done, Sara.

madcobug said...

Good for Oreo having a great day. He is tired by that big yawn. Helen

Diana said...

WhooHoo! Way to go. See things always seem to work out. I hope goes great too. Diana

Dawn said...

GOOD JOB OREO!!! I was thinking about you off and on today. Have fun tomorrow!!

Kathy said...

wooo hooo, sounds like a great day, too bad there was no video!!!

Lian said...

WOW! Congratulations!! What a good boy Oreo is!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on all the Q's and ribbons! Love the yawning photo - Oreo's so used to doing well and winning that he is already bored by it all!

Good luck today!

Jules said...

Hooray, Sara and Oreo! I am so glad to hear you had such a great day and such a huge improvement in both your stress levels after the run-thrus. Yay!!!