Monday, August 3, 2009


Over the past few weeks, I've been teaching Oreo how to bow, so we could have a nice end to our dance routine. He knows how to do it, most of the time.

Today, I realized I could have taught him to bow through shaping. Look at this perfect bow:

At Jeff's suggestion, I've been trying to let Oreo's brain rest and allow him to "just be a dog", for the past two days.

This is what Oreo has opted to do with his freetime. Dig for tree roots.

He's a mess, and still digging as I write this. I think his whole body can fit in the hole he's dug. It is a good thing we have a pile of dirt laying around from when we had our water installed. I think I'm going to need it.
I guess this is why people say, "If you don't give a sheltie a job, they will find one on their own."
Thus, Misty is barking at the neighbors, and Oreo is intent on uprooting the 100 year old pine tree. They are having a grand time.


Ludo van Doggy said...

Yes, that's the problem with working breeds, to them, just being a dog is being outside moving sheep around so life must be pretty boring to them with nothing to do!

Oreo's nose looks so funny all covered in dirt.

madcobug said...

He looks so cute doing what he desires to do. Helen

Dad said...

Hi Sara, This is Dad's daughter writing. We love your Blog and really enjoyed the video and photos you had in your Blog yesterday. It reminds us so much of our beloved Smoky Mountains.You and Jeff should come to the Smokies sometime and bring your Shelties, too. Mary

Nicki said...

Silly herding dogs. No wonder so many end up in rescue-people don't understand that they need to work!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

nothing wrong with a little mud on you from a good hole. wouldn't want to do it every day though! I like jobs, even if its just helping around the house!
your pal, Morgan

Lian said...

The first photo of Oreo is just superb! He reminded me of Sing when he was a tiny puppy, he loved to dig then but I managed to stop him.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Guess herding dogs don't really need a break from work! LOL! Mom would be so mad if I dug a hole like that!

Marybeth said...

Your family is hilarious. All of you. Much love, MB

Katja said...

What a cute Sheltie ;-)