Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 more blues & Q's

"All my loot"
I was tired this morning. Oreo had to get up in the middle of the night to poop. Too much bison steak yesterday.

Oreo's first run today was standard. Oreo seemed much more relaxed today while waiting his turn. He wouldn't eat any of the bison steak though. Guess he knew that was why he had been up all night pooping? Good thing I had a variety of treats with me. He was just as happy with his Zuke's and bacon and cheese buddy biscuits.

I carefully planned my handling to place myself between Oreo and the judge as much as possible. I anticipated where the judge would be standing based on where the contact obstacles were. Sometimes this works after my walk thru, sometimes I have to change my plan after my walk thru. Today it worked!

Oreo had a great run. He did some looking around, but no stopping and he had a perfectly clean run. We came in first place (out of 6 dogs I think), and now need only 1 more Q in level 2 to get our title and move up (you need a total of 4).

Our second run was the game, Colors. There are two sequences set up on one course. You choose which one you want to run. It is part of the handling title, along with Wildcard, which we did yesterday.

I chose the square numbers, because then we could avoid the A-Frame. This would skim off some time, and also keep the judge at a distance since she wouldn't have to look for contacts. Good thinking right? Boy, I'm becoming a pro.

Oreo liked this course. Only 10 obstacles, 27 seconds and he was done. We came in 1st! We beat the 2nd place dog, another sheltie, by 10 seconds. Yea us! It was our fastest run of the weekend, 3.69 yards per second.

I think these handling games are going to be our thing - short, sweet, with options! The 2 strategy games (snooker and jackpot) on the other hand.....well we haven't even tried those.

Our next run would have been Fullhouse. Fullhouse requires you to make up your own course, and you get points as you go. There is a time limit.

I scratched us, for several reasons. One, I am horrible at making up my own course. I am bad at figuring out how many obstacles we can do in a certain amount of time. We just aren't consistent enough. Second, the judge yells out a point value after each obstacle. That would stress Oreo. Third, I could sense that Oreo was reaching his "done" point. Fourth, Oreo had done so well on his last two runs, I thought we should end our trial on a good note.

I scratched our last standard run too. I probably could have done the last standard run successfully, and earned our level 2 standard title. I decided that could wait. Oreo had gotten 4 Q's out of 5 runs. I thought that was great. He was going home happy, not stressed or overtired. That was more important to me than doing another run.

"Can we go home and play ball now Mom?"

I entered these trials in June, when I really didn't know how many runs Oreo was going to be able to handle in a weekend. Now, I have a better idea what he can do when I enter future trials. It is all a learning process.


LauraK said...

sounds like you all had a fun and successful weekend :) and the trial photos are great, he's such a photogenic boy

madcobug said...

A big hand and hug for Oreo. They look so cute ready to go home. Helen

Nicki said...

Oh he's doing so great, what a cool dog. Of course I have a weakness for black and white dogs named after cookies!

Anonymous said...


Diana said...

Congrats!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Another very successful trial day! Congratulations! You are being so smart about how much Oreo can handle and about keeping his experience stress-free and happy. Hopefully my mom will learn from your example!

Dawn said...

You guys are a winning team! Oreo because he's having fun and doing his job all at the same time, you because you're making sure it's all about the fun for him. Great weekend! Congratulations!

the hip dad said...

way to go to both of you. sorry that I missed it.

Jules said...

Congratulations. Kudos to you to know when it is in your pup's best interest to stop. that can be SO hard. The handling games were Ike's absolute favorites for the very reason you think they migth end up being yours!

I am so glad you had such a great weekend!

Kathy said...

Congrats! Sounds like you all did great and had a great weekend. I love the picture at the bottom of the doggies in the car ready to go and play ball.

Lian said...

WOW! Congratulations!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Wow! Oreo, you amazing, well done to you and your Mom!!
~lickies, Ludo