Saturday, July 11, 2009

its permanent

We've been having a great stretch of perfect summer weather. The next door neighbor's kids have been non existent. So, the dogs and I have enjoyed puttering around the yard, hanging out, and long, lazy afternoons.
I was contemplating signing Oreo up for a few early morning runs in a local CPE trial next Saturday, but decided not to because we hadn't received our permanent height card yet. He had two judges measure him, and he was right on the cusp of being able to jump 12 inches. I didn't want to risk having a third judge measure him. Since, I wasn't sure what would happen if that judge thought he should jump 16. Would that over rule the other 2 judges? Or would his original 2 measurements count?

Wouldn't you know it, our permanent height card came in the mail today! Now, it is too late to enter. Oh well. We'll just have to wait until August for our next trial.

Now we have our permanent cards for both DOCNA and CPE. I think those will be the only two venues we will be doing. After talking to a lot of people, they seem to be the two venues best suited for a team like Oreo and me. Both are friendly, laid back, fun focused, and never serious. Plus, neither requires me to travel, something I told myself I wouldn't do when I began this journey.

Oh yea, they are still selling sprinkles in the grocery store. I saw them on the shelf today. It is just illegal for restaurants to serve any food with transfat. I always have sprinkles in my cupboard. I put them on my sugar cookies. So, I always have a stockpile. I sure hope they taste as good when they start making them without the transfat.

Funny, how cigarettes are still legal, yet transfat isn't. Hmmmmmm.


Dawn said...

A trial in August will just give you time to get more perfect! Meanwhile, have a bit of ice cream with your sprinkles and enjoy a relaxing few weeks! I heard the words "back to school" today and that's never good news...

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great news about Oreo's permanent height card (we were really relieved when I got mine) and the sprinkles still being sold in the stores! Now your summer is complete :)

Love the flower/sheltie photos! Your gardens are very pretty!

Diana said...

I thought sprinkles were sugar. How can they have trans fats in them? Anyway thats just weird. Im glad you got your height card. Now you dont have to worry about it. Diana