Wednesday, July 8, 2009

trial photos

I have a lot of trial photos from the photographer, since we did so many runs.

These photos, from our snakes & ladders run, really impressed me! Just look at how the judge is staring right at Oreo, and Oreo doesn't even look at her! That is the confidence I am striving for in his whole run. I do know that even though you can't see me in these photos, I put myself between Oreo and the judge. I need to try and do that as often as I can on contact obstacles.

Scroll right to see my favorite photo - Oreo flying off the A-Frame.

Here are the photos from our North America Challenge run. Not a successful run, but you can see how we started off in confidence mode. There was tongue flicking(stress signal) on the teeter, when I didn't get between Oreo and the judge, and then we went onto the dreaded tunnel. If you keep scrolling right to the next dog, you'll see our classmate, Buddy. You'll notice he only has 3 legs! He was given only 4 months to live, and look at him now, 18 months later. Back at agility. Buddy qualified for nationals! Yea Buddy (and Lynn)!

Here are the photos from our NQ standard run. In the first photo you can see how close the people and dog that Oreo stopped to turn and look at are. Can't believe I didn't notice them at the time!

Here are the rest of the links if you have nothing better to do with your time than look at photos of us!

Jumpers 2

Standard 1

Standard 2



Ricky the Sheltie said...

Ok, it's official - apparently we do have nothing better to do with our time because we did just look at all of your trial photos! :) They are awesome! How are you ever going to decide which ones to buy? We liked the aframe one you mentioned but there is one coming up the dogwalk that we really like and a couple coming out of tunnels and some of the jumping ones too (especially Oreo flying over a red jump)!

Sara said...

The photographer had a special last time, where you could get a CD with all your photos from the trial. I'm going to email her and see if she is offering that for this trial. I'd like the whole collection!

Diana said...

I love all the pictures. You know what I wanted to tell you was that in the vidoes you see Oreo speed up when it comes to a jump sequence. I wonder if that's because he feels more confident with that. You have jumps at home and practice that. Just something to think about. Also maybe you can practice with peoeple standing in the ring and moving around. As you trial more the judge is going to be moving around and you probably wont be able to put yourself between the judge. I know , something else to work on. Again, love the pictures. Diana

Sara said...

Thanks for the advice Diana. I agree that Oreo is more confident jumping, and having people in the ring while we practice would be a good idea. That way I could click/treat when he focuses.

betty said...

What a glorious day! I love the photos. What a dog!