Sunday, July 5, 2009

so we ain't perfect....

Oreo and I had a couple blunders today.

In our North America Challenge run, Oreo had some tunnel trouble, and we got an off course so we didn't Q. In our standard run, Oreo took a tunnel, when he was supposed to take the A-Frame. I'm sure that was totally my fault. I wasn't even thinking he would take the tunnel. Otherwise, I would have been more severe with my body language. Duh, on my part! Our standard run, was our slowest run to date. Just not our day.

The courses today were tough. A lot of obstacle discrimination's. Only 1 dog Q'ed the specialist run of the North America Challenge. Most went off course at the same tunnel Oreo did. That stupid green tunnel. I think it stressed all the dogs out.

I could tell by the way Oreo was running that he was still tired from yesterday. He was slower, and more distracted.

I walked the strategic time gamble course, but was really thinking about scratching it. I went over to one of my classmates for advice. She said, "If you have a run you really want to Q later, I wouldn't push it. You know how Oreo gets tired at the end of the day."

After hearing that, I walked right up to the cabin and scratched us off. I've never been good at gambling anyway.

I really wanted to do the jumpers run, because I knew there would be no distractions in the ring, no tunnels, and Oreo loves to do jumping sequences. The course was full of serpentines - our favorite!

I guess I made the right decision, because Oreo ran his fastest course time ever! He did the course in 19.20 seconds, which means he ran 3.90 yards per second, also our fastest ever! We got first & Q. Yea us!

So, we had our slowest run ever (2.27 yards per sec) and fastest in the same day. Go figure.

OK, now I need to apologize to my nephew, Theo. I had an argument with him about stats. Baseball stats. I was trying to convince him they really didn't matter. They don't effect the game.

Sorry, Theo. Now I get it! Stats do matter! To the individual at least!

I learn so much from my seven year old nephew.

I'm now obsessed with my dog's yards per seconds number. Those numbers give me proof that we are getting faster.

Highlights of today:

~ Qing our speedy jumpers run - at the end of a long weekend! 7 runs in two days! Whew!

~seeing my classmates do wonderful runs, after knowing all the hard work they have been doing for months (Go Glitter! That was so AWESOME! Kudos to Buddy, Patty & Barley, Shadow & WB too!)

~having perfectly behaved dogs (er...except for those 2 stolen meatballs before your jumpers run Oreo)

~and just look at all the ribbons Oreo won! Isn't he just a SuperStar?

Here's the video of our North America Challenge & Standard run. Our runs yesterday were much better. I didn't get our jumpers run video taped. Everyone was either packing up their stuff or doing ring crew duties. Too bad, because that was our best run of the day. Although, if you blinked you might have missed us - since it was only a 19 second run!


Diana said...

That looked good. And you didnt stress over him not doing the tunnels and went on. Good for you. Oreo can weave no matter what. Excellent. Diana

Greg S said...

Yards per second is a great measure to see if you are improving over time. Oreo looked quite distracted at times and then focused at other times. Does he get distracted during practice or just during a trial (more stressful)? Good job on your successes! I know your DOCNA judge - she is coming out to our place in September to judge our clubs' trial.

Sara said...

Oreo gets distracted in class too. We recently started working on that with clicker training. He has improved, and I think he will continue to do so.

Terri was a great judge!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well congratulations on all those ribbons and a great weekend! 7 runs! Wow! Wish you had a video of the jumpers run in 19 secs! Oreo is getting better and better! Good job!

Lovey said...

Tunnels, A-frames, I'm impressed. If somebody told me to go somewhere, I'd probably bounce the other way!

whisker swizzles,
Lovey (for Charlie's DogBlog)

Lian said...

WOW! Lots of Ribbons! Well done! Oreo is looking good though! Really pleased for you.

Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations on all those fine ribbons - well done :o)


Nicki said...

He lookes great! I'm obsessed with yps too.