Thursday, July 30, 2009

no class

We didn't go to class last night. There were several roads closed due to floods and mudslides. My teacher sent out an email saying that an 800 foot section of her road was wiped out. Hopefully, they will have it all fixed by Saturday.

Since it was pouring, I decided to work on send to target with Oreo inside. Here is a short video, poor quality due to poor lighting. I started filling the target and then did some without food on the target. He definitely had more drive when there was food on the target! However, with Misty in the house, it is kind of a pain to try and keep two dogs from getting to the target. If I shut Misty in a room she would wail like she was being hung by her toenails. Heartbreaking.

I am not saying "target", because I use that for when I want the dogs to touch something with their paw. I guess I am calling this "get it", and I am just looking for drive toward the target and some sort of touch - nose/paw. Oreo seems to really like this game.

Having him stop on hardwood floor, probably not the best idea. I started out with the target at the other end of the hallway, so he was mostly on carpet, but it didn't make for good videography! LOL.

Today, we will work on this outside with the teeter resting on the table. I can tie Misty up outside, so I can use food filled targets exclusively, and Oreo can get some traction.

Then, I can tie Oreo up, and he can pout while Misty gets to do some targeting.


madcobug said...

Sounds like there was a lot of rain up your way. Oreo did great getting his target. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry your class was cancelled after all. Good thing you knew and didn't try driving to it!

Oreo is really driving to the target! I love targets! And I have to say that I am very happy being an only dog - all the treats are for me!!!

Bob said...

Hi Sara, is that the same class that was disrupted by thunder the other week? Bob.

Sara said...

different class...same location...its been a rainy summer.

Diana said...

You dont need to call the target anything. The target has value because there is food on it. I wouldnt send the dog to an empty target ( at least not yet). You want to show the dog the food on the target without letting him get the food. Then back away, holding him back and maybe say, "where is you cookie" ( or what ever) and when he is pulling to get it, let him go. Never lie to the dog, if you show him it has a cookie, it should have a cookie when he gets to it. After a while when he really has the behavior you want on the dogwalk, driving to the target, then you can start not putting a cookie down. But hopefully he will learn that if you didnt show him a cookie on the target, then it may not be there. But always show him the cookie when you are putting it on the target. Does that make sense. You dont want him driving to the target and running back to you for the reward. That could cause confusion. When he is really getting the target idea and you want to start sending to an empty target, when he gets there, you need to run up and start loading the target with cookies and praising, but that is down the line some. I hope this makes sense. Diana

Dad said...

Getting better every day and so interesting. I still want a Sheltie. DAD

Sara said...

Thanks - and yes that all makes sense! I think that's what I did outside yesterday. I put food on the target while he was looking at the target, took him away from the target, and when he was eager I released him to the target.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, how cool, Oreo! I'm only just starting to learn targets so that was really interesting for us to watch!

Honey the Great Dane