Friday, July 24, 2009

morning practice

Got some practice in this morning, before the afternoon rain. Yes, more rain predicted.

Boy is our grass green.

Oreo did really well on this exercise, that I got out of my clean run exercise book. We did 3 (or was it 4?) different variations, and then called it quits when Oreo started doing the poles slow. I don't want him to get in the habit of strolling through them!

I think I needed to do more today to get Oreo fired up on the start line. Although, he had more enthusiasm after watching Misty run. A little jeaoulousy never hurts.

I also notice that whenever I switch the sequence from the original, he slows down. I don't know if Oreo is confused, being cautious about making a mistake, or what the deal is. Could be a confidence issue. He'd rather keep doing the original, because he knows how to do that correctly?
Perhaps I am using too much psychology. Who knows what goes on in that miniscule brain of his. Really, his head is so small!

I had Misty do just the first exercise. She did well. I was impressed at her "send to tunnel" skills this morning. She didn't do so well on the jumps, but when I watched the video, I could tell my hand signals were really late and unclear to her.

What was amazing was her weaving! Misty got all the weave entries, and she did the whole set of 6 several times, without me pointing to where she had to go! I rarely have her do the poles, because I figure, what's the point?

Misty is such a sweetheart.

Now, I have two sleeping dogs. Time to finish one of my six library books!


the hip dad said...

time to enter misty in the veteran's (senior) class.

Sara said...

I said that to her today! Maybe I should register her for a run in the DOCNA trial. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

I think they have a "grand veteran" category.

Diana said...

I think Oreo looks good. The sequence is very tight so the dog cant go fast. I bet if you spread it out more , you would see increased speed. Diana

Sara said...

Thanks Diana. That makes me feel better. It was really tight, and I made it even tighter to fit it all on video - I need that wide angle lens thing!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Misty did great on those weaves! Good for her!

Oreo does very well - I agree with Diana about the tight space slowing him down - wish we all had big backyards to spread out all our equipment! Maybe someday?

Josh and Jess said...

Well done Misty!!! 3 clean runs, that's awesome. Hope those treats were nice and yummy you deserve them girl!!!

Love, Josh and Jess

Lian said...

Oreo is fab! I had tears in my eyes seeing Misty did her run. She really is a sweetheart!

madcobug said...

Oreo did great as usual. I was surprised ro see Misty run the poles as I have never seen her do that before. Good girl! Helen