Friday, July 17, 2009

mistaken identity

This picture's quality isn't the best, but it is how Oreo looks most of the time in the house, when he's not asleep.

Outside, it is the orbee in his mouth. Inside, it is the planet dog softball.

Wanna play?

My agility teacher is a volunteer for the local border collie rescue organization. She went to evaluate a dog the other day, because his owner had died. When she arrived at the house, she saw a sheltie on the porch. "Cute dog", she thought. She told the people at the house that she was there for "Tippy". They pointed to the sheltie.

They thought Tippy was a border collie. Even the paperwork from the vet, indicated Tippy was a border collie.

I met 10 year old Tippy on Wednesday. He is a sweet, sweet boy. He and Misty almost had a little nose kiss. They are about the same age and all!

He's going to the groomer this week, can't wait to see how beautiful he looks after a good trim, and brushing.


Dad said...

Sara that is so intresting abou Tippy. Will he be avaiable for adpotion ? I am sure that I live to far away for that. Sars I am enjoying your blog,and I do admire you for the good work that you are doing.

Sara said...

He will be available for adoption. I'm not sure how they would work an adoption at a distance. I'll mention it and see what they say.

Lian said...

Tippy is gorgeous! I think you should adopt him, Sara.

the hip dad said...

tippy was the name of the one dog that I had growing up. I think it was mostly fox terrier, light brown with white paws, hence the name. frank actually came up with the name. I was going with skippy.