Thursday, July 23, 2009

a class without rain

We made it through class last night without a drop of rain!

My teacher had set up a bunch of practice drills from Bud Houston's blog. I like how she always tells us where she got the sequences from.

The first one was all jumps, full of pinwheels. There were so many ways to handle it! I did it twice and never handled it the way I had planned.
Oreo was distracted a bit both runs. The course was set up close to the gate. People were moving about, and cars were still pulling in for class. I thought if I just ran him he would get focused. He ran...but he had one eye on the people.

Therefore, he wasn't as speedy as I'd like, but it is good for him to learn to deal with the commotion.

After our last run, one of my classmates said, "You know you don't need to bring him so close to jump number 7, he does have some distance skills and it would save you some running if you would just send him."

Really? People keep telling me he has distance skills, and I've been afraid to let him go in class. I really should start trying it out.

The next sequence included some more obstacles, including a couple tunnels.

My goal for this sequence was to send Oreo to the tunnel from a few feet away.

This sequence was set up at the opposite end of the field. No distractions around.

On our first turn however, people were still hanging out on the field after walking the course. I thought, "Well, I'm going to run him anyway and see what he does." Surprisingly, Oreo did a very brief start line stay, and then really did well on the course! He was speedy and focused.

We did this short sequence to end the night. Oreo rocked it!
We did it twice, because he was really on fire. I was sending him to the tunnels from a distance, and then I was able to get some distance away from the tunnel, so he came flying out toward me. After the sequence was over, he even did a bonus fly over the A-Frame as I was walking back to get our leash. He was so happy to be out there.

It was a great way to end the class.


the hip dad said...

how were the mosquitos? we went to the pruyn house for the food and even in that short period of time we were doing a lot of slapping. of course the place was very wet. wonder why?

Sara said...

the bugs were pretty bad, especially toward the end of the night

Ludo van Doggy said...

Go Oreo! Although a class without rain? Can't have been outdoor agility surely? :p

Diana said...

WhooHoo good for you guys!!!!! Diana

madcobug said...

Sounds like Oreo stayed focused really well. Helen

Honey the Great Dane said...

How interesting to see all the courses like that in a diagram!!

I agree - maybe you ought to try out Oreo's distance skills - he might surprise you!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you got through an outdoor class without rain. Sounds like you and Oreo did really well!