Wednesday, July 1, 2009

between the storms

Still raining a lot around here, which is helping our new grass seed grow. When we had our new water line installed, a lot of our front lawn got dug up. So, we had to replant a lot of seed. The good thing was it gave us the push we needed to finally get rid of the big weedy, wild section of our yard next to our shed. We dug up all the weeds, and planted grass. I also got to transplant some of my perennials, and start a new bed next to the shed. Can't wait until it all fills in! Only took us 15 years to get rid of those weeds and pricker bushes!
The dogs have gotten into their summer vacation mode already, and are enjoying lazy days of lolling around. I'm hoping the rain holds off, so we can have one more agility class tonight before our trial on Saturday! Weather looks good for the weekend. Nice and cool - good for the dogs (and humans), and just a chance of storms.

"I see you."

My new garden, with room to grow. It'll look better when the grass grows in!

Some days I look around my garden, and can't believe how beautiful it has become! Today was one of those days.

Ah, the things you can stop and appreciate when you don't have to work for two months!

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Brittany said...

Your yard and garden are so beautiful! Oh, and dogs aren't bad looking either ;)