Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 Q's - Need I Say More?

What a day! It was cold, then hot. Cloudy, then sunny.

It was great fun! Oreo and I lit our own fireworks!

Oreo did all four runs and he Q'ed all of them! His first two standard runs were very speedy. I was thrilled.

He was distracted a bit in our Snakes and Ladders run, but that is all contacts and tunnels. For Snakes & Ladders you design your own course, but you have to do all 3 sets of weaves and the 3 contact obstacles, with any tunnel in between. It wasn't as hard as I thought, but it was tiring.
No chance to get him going with jumps.

Our jumpers run was super easy. I only needed to do one front cross. Oreo was definitely getting tired by that run, but he still pulled off a Q. I don't have video of that run. Our turn came up faster than I expected, and I never got the chance to hand my camera off to anyone. It ended up sitting on the ground by the gate!

I think Oreo's first run was his best, but he was actually faster in his second run, but only by a second.

Let me know if you think he hit the yellow contact on the first A-Frame. The judge says yes - I'm not so sure! Good thing there aren't any instant replays....

The nicest compliment I got today was from the photographer. She told me, "You have the most beautiful expression on your face when you are out there running with your dog."

I told her running with him just makes me so happy.

She told me that it shows.

That's what it is all about.

Here's the video of our first three runs.

I looked at our stats from our first DOCNA trial in May. In our fastest standard run, we did 2.73 yards per second. In our fastest standard run today, we did 3.24 yards per second! I think those numbers mean more than the Q's.


Marybeth said...

You two are a great team. Oreo is amazing.

Diana said...

Im so jealous! Good for you guys and your 4 "Q"s. You both look great and Oreo speed has increased. Great job. Good luck tomorrow. Diana

MOM said...

Congratulations to you and Oreo. Reminds me of your gymnastic days. Sorry about the snakes and ladders video...I guess I won't make it as a professional photographer.


LauraK said...

how awesome! you are such a fun team to watch :)

Sara said...

The video was great for your first time! I know you were watching Oreo, not the camera, as all good grandmas should!

real dad said...

the contacts looked good to me. besides she was very lenient on the teeter all day long.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great, great job, Sara!!!!! 4Q's and such speedy and happy runs! Oreo is really running with a lot more confidence and speed now! You have done a wonderful job with him and it's a pleasure to watch you guys out there!

Good luck today!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Yay! Well done Oreo and Sara! Woohoo! You can see how much you both love it. I think he did miss his contact (I paused the vid, lol) but never mind aye.

We're going to help with the clubs own show at the end of August, camping lol. Ludo'll be 18 months then so can 'officially' compete but we have to decide by monday whether to enter a fun beginners jumper class. I know I'm not ready, he probably is but it's still a while off. He'll be getting measured anyway. :)

Lian said...

WooHoo! Good boy Oreo and Great Job Sara!!

Nicki said...

Way to go, you are gettting off to such a great start with him. Hope he continues to do well and improve!