Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tricky T-day

This week's trick is walking backwards, or what I call "scoot". Not to be confused with "scooch pooch", which means "get out of my way dog".

This trick is a work in progress. I am still relying heavily on the clicker and treats. Oreo is having a lot of trouble walking in a straight line backward. He wants to circle. I guess that is probably an innate movement, given his herding instinct.

Therefore, I have been training this trick with him wedged between me and the storage unit Jeff had built us. When we went outside to film the video, he was a bit out of sorts!

"Where's the furniture Mom?"

This is harder to teach than you might think. A dog's natural instinct (at least for my dogs) is to sit when you face them up close.

I taught Oreo this trick by pushing a treat into his nose and nudging him back. It didn't take him long to figure out I wanted him to move backward when I said "scoot".

Once he was doing that, I moved on to the heel/backward method. We still practice both.

Misty is less inclined to sit, so it was actually easier to get her to scoot. She is used to getting treats for doing nothing, so she didn't feel like she had to sit to get rewarded. However, I only get a couple steps back from her, and then she stops and will sit if I don't give her a treat.

Here is where we are so far, but I am going to be working more on this trick. I think we have only just begun.

I think in this video it almost looks like I have a strings tied to Oreo, and I'm able to manipulate him like a marionette.

I assure you - no hidden strings were used in this video! Just Zuke's mini treats, and Oreo's endless adoration for me! LOL!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think they both do great "scoots"! I never back up that many steps in a row and I also like to either sit or curve! Scooting and heeling too is awesome! Great Tricky T-Day trick!

Diana said...

Great job. I love the new header!!

One thing I did was teach Guiness to back into a crate. That kept him straight. I dont know it that will help you. Diana

Sara said...

That's a good idea Diana. It'll teach him to scoot straight and a new way to "crate up" at the same time.

Dawn said...

I just noticed Oreo's tail, it's beautiful! Good job on scoot!

Brittany said...

Good job! Hobbs still just kind of jumps backwards....when he isn't trying all his other tricks.

They both look like they are having fun!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oooh, Oreo & Misty - I think you back up GREAT already!! I can never do it as fast as you...well, ok, I pretty much do everything slowly! :-)

Honey the Great Dane