Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tricky T-Day

This week's trick - jump into my arms........and hope I catch you!

I've watched dogs at agility trials jump into their owners arms after their runs, and thought, "Why doesn't my dog do that?"

Oh yeah, because I never taught him.

So, for the past two weeks, Oreo and I have been working on this trick. The steps were featured in this month's Clean Run magazine. I also had instructions in my favorite trick book. I combined the two styles, and came up with my own. Perhaps I should have stuck with just one set of instructions.

At this point, we've kind of plateaued. I think it has a lot to do with my inconsistency in getting a good grip on Oreo when he jumps. Oreo's always squirming around in my arms, because I think Oreo lacks faith in my ability to catch him. With good reason.

Whenever a student in one of my classes tries to throw me a pen, I say, "Don't throw it, I can't catch." They say, "But you're right in front of me," and throw the pen. The pen always hits the ground. "Wow, you really can't catch," they say.

Told ya so.

Here is a video showing how I taught Oreo, and where we are now.

Here is the far more entertaining blooper reel!

Poor Oreo. Perhap this isn't a good trick for us.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oh my gosh! Ok, first of all congratultions on the jump-into-my-arms trick! You guys got it! Now, the blooper reel is hilarious! What a great way for mom to start the day - I wondered what was wrong with her cause she was laughing loudly and then she even started crying! Misty's comments are just too funny and then mom really laughed near the end when you give Oreo the cue to jump up and he sits and puts his feet on your legs!

Any way thanks for making mom's day!

LauraK said...

how fun! I love the blooper reel, especially Misty's comments- she really looks like she's saying those things. You and Oreo will be pros in no time. I think this is such a cute trick at trials, although I don't really want 50 pounds of my Riley girl flying at me :) Good luck perfecting it, it will be so rewarding at trials after a run to catch him :)

Lian said...

Well done Oreo! And of course Sara for catching Oreo!

Saturn and Titan are born to jump-into-my-arm dogs but not the others. I have to teach Sizzle to jump into my arm but he is so gentle, unless he thinks he MUST then he will do it. Shelties are funny.

I like the blooper video. Oreo and Misty are too funny.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Way to go!
It's looking really good. I can't catch either, I'd like to try this one as Ludo likes being picked up.
Love the blooper reel too. Misty's comments are hilarious.

madcobug said...

Cute trick you are teaching him now. Misty looks like she doesn't know quite what to make of it all. Helen

Nicki said...

I've been wanting to teach that to Legend too!

Diana said...

Great job. It looks great. Does you husband stand at the window and watch , shaking his head? Lol
I would like to teach miley this trick, but Im afraid she might jump into my lap when Im eating a plate of food on the couch. LoL

Dawn said...

Oreo is trying so hard! And Misty is so confused! Very funny!