Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tricky T-Day

OK, we are going to participate in Ludo's tricky T-day. We haven't been working on any new tricks lately - too much agility!

So, here is a video of one of the many "skills" we have been working on, distance. Basically, I start at one point, send Oreo to an obstacle, and if he is successful, I keep taking a step back and trying from that point. Today, I was clicking and treating when he got to the obstacle I sent him to.

You'll see Oreo plays a "trick" on me. Therefore, I thought this video qualified for tricky t-day!

I was surprised to get Oreo to do anything this afternoon. There were people here all day (still here actually) installing public water to our house. Yes, we will be able to flush our toilet during the next power outage. No more bringing the bucket to/from the creek. I have mixed feelings. I liked the feeling of being self sufficient, and "off the grid". However, once everyone around us started hooking up to the public line, our water became more plentiful, and with it the sulfur level grew. Nothing like a shower that smells like rotten eggs every morning~ick.

Anyway, the dogs seem exhausted from having to deal with all the activity.

Now, if only we could get sewer lines, so the big ol' poop truck didn't have to come pump us out every few years!!! Talk about a bad odor. I think the dogs enjoy that day.


Diana said...

Yea, I only want public sewer and water. Ive delt with enough sewer and water problems from septic tanks to last me a life time. Diana

Dawn said...

I share your pain. We're on septic and well. Every power outage, and there seem to be many of them, we tote water to flush the toilet from the pond across the street. Not so bad in the summer. But picture it in the winter! NO FUN!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom grew up with septic and well and doesn't have fond memories of not being able to flush the toilet - she is thankful for the city water and sewer!

Oreo is so funny - he gets bored with the table and just starts doing his own jump instead. I guess he was saying, enough already! I know how to go to the table!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Oreo is funny! I love how he likes to do this own thing, just like me!

Bluedog said...

Hi Misty and Oreo
We just found your lovely blog....it was very nice to meet you:o)
You are both very beautiful and smart and we also enjoyed all your nice pictures.
We are two sheltie guys, who live in Denmark with our mom. Dooby is tricolour, 9 year old sheltie end Zimba is blue merle and almost 3. We do obedience and rally-o and other than that, we just have a lot of fun on our long walks with mom and with our friends.
You can come and visit us if you like....our blog can be translated into english just by a few clicks in the right side of the blog:o)

Best regards
Dooby and Zimba