Wednesday, June 17, 2009

trial photos

Here's a link to some photos of our first run at our trial last Saturday. After you click on the link, hit the right arrow key to scroll thru our photos.

Here's our second run.

You can see from the photos how distracted Oreo gets on the dogwalk. In one photo, it looks like he is doing some tongue flicking, which is a calming signal. I think we really need to work on building his confidence on the dogwalk over the next few weeks.

No agility class this week- my teacher is on vacation! So, that gives us two more classes before our next trial.

Luckily, our next trial is DOCNA. So, it will be a smaller trial, and on home turf. There is a USDAA trial the same weekend, right up the road! Trial season is in full swing around here.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Trial photos are so much fun! I like the first jump one in your second run the best. Oreo looks a lot like me on the dogwalk - I probably lick my lips too!

Lian said...

I like the ones of Oreo on the A Frame, he looks gorgeous! Are you going to get some of them?

Sara said...

I probably will get one of the A-Frame photos, because I didn't get any from his last trial.

Diana said...

Dont you just want to buy them all. I like how calm you both look at the start line. I need to be like that. Diana

Nicki said...

I like the a-frame ones as well.