Sunday, June 28, 2009

tough tunnel exits

Has anyone else tried the Backyard Dog sequences from this month's Clean Run magazine?

I tried sequences 1&2 yesterday, and had so much trouble getting Oreo to the jump behind the tunnel. He is so accustomed to me being on the other side of the tunnel exit. Even with me calling his name the whole time he was in the tunnel, Oreo still came out looking the opposite direction.

Here is a video I shot of our practice. It was hard to get all the obstacles in the video. He got it eventually, but with a lot of stutter stepping. I'm hoping to try sequences 3&4 today.

I am also trying out the flying circle startline routine that was in the Jenny Damm article. We already use that a lot in class, because it is a natural movement for Oreo. I never thought of using it in a trial, because I thought we'd look like dorks! It seems like it might work better for Oreo than having him sit, which gives him time to look around and get nervous. Glad to have our method validated in a magazine!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We haven't tried that backyard practice set up yet - we thought it looked difficult with the handling behind the tunnel. You guys got it though! Good job!

And we have been thinking about the flying circle start too. We like Jenny's articles and YouTube videos!

madcobug said...

Oreo caught on really quick to what you wanted him to do. Helen

Diana said...

Try not going all the way to the tunnel with him. Then start your rear cross much earlier so he knows you did it. Right now he cant see you crossing when he is in the tunnel. Also you could use "right" if you have a "right " command. I havent tried this course yet be it does look hard. I did try the backyard stuff from June's clean run and couldnt do it. Miley is going to fast out the tunnel and Im to late cueing the right jump. We were a train wreck. Diana

Lian said...

Tunnel is a funny thing. The dog needs to know where you turn before he goes into the tunnel. Best to front cross or rear across to let the dog knows your next direction. I did the similar mistake at the show this weekend :)

Sara said...

Diana & Lian,
Thanks for the advice. When I watched the video, I knew I should be doing something differently to cue him ahead of time, but couldn't grasp what exactly.

I'll try an earlier rear cross when it cools down tonight and see how that goes.

Brittany said...

You guys are looking great! I need to get a tunnel and a few more jumps so I can set up the clean run exercises from the magazine.

Dawn said...

I'm giggling when I watch this, Oreo is like WHAT DO YOU WANT MOM????? WHERE ARE YOU???? OHHHHHH! Why didn't you SAY so! He's so bright, he figured it out! Good for him! And you!