Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer books

Over the past few weeks, I've had the chance to read a couple books. Shocking!

Three books had dogs as main characters, so I thought I'd share the titles, in case anyone wants to add them to their summer reading list. Even if you are not a dog person (OK, most of you are), these would be good books regardless.

The first book came from my cousin, who sent me an advance copy! She works for a publisher, and was sending the book to people who review books & write blogs. Since I have a blog about dogs, she thought I should have a copy. Thanks Michiko!

The book is called Heroic Measures, by Jill Ciment. The book's main characters are an elderly couple who live in NYC with their dachshund, who suffers a sudden paralysis.

The story is told from the point of view of both the couple and the dog. I especially liked hearing the dog's point of view! However, the book is not all about the dog. It is also about house hunting in NYC and a charming married couple.

It is a touching novel, that I recommend, especially for dog people. You will see yourself in this book.

The book's publication date is June 30.

Another book, narrated exclusively by a dog, is Dog On It, by Spencer Quinn. This book was recommended by my Dad, who I am sure laughed out loud while reading this book! It is a mystery/private investigator book. This is a "read in one sitting" book (unless you have to stop and train your dogs). Light read, beach book (or in my case, deck book).

A third book, Izzy & Lenore, by Jon Katz, is also wonderful. Jon Katz is one of my favorite authors. This book includes stories about the hospice work Jon does with his dogs. Powerful stuff. The stories demonstrate how dogs can really touch people's souls, even at the very end.

The dogs are reading, Forever Buster: What a Name! What a dog, we exclaim!, by Martin Rabbett. A year ago, my Aunt Betty sent us an autographed copy, as well as a drawing of our first sheltie done by the illustrator of this book, Donna Burns. Even Richard Chamberlain, the actor, signed our copy, because he had done the reading that day in Hawaii. The story is wonderful, and the illustrations are charming.'s a tear jerker.

Oreo doesn't like sharing the book.

So, go visit "Dawn", your local librarian (JoAnne in my case), and check these books out!

Side note to my Editor in Chief: I know book titles need to be underlined, but blogger only gives you the choice of bold or italic! I went with italic, rather than quotes.


Dawn said...

These are great books! I read DOG ON IT (notes don't allow underlining either, though I think I might be able to figure it out using HTML, but I have to go to work, at the LIBRARY and don't have time!) and loved it. Will check out the other two as well. Thanks for the recommendations!

Michiko Clark said...

Thanks for the great plug for Heroic Measures! It's getting an O magazine review in July and New York Times Book Review 7/5, so you're in good company. xo

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom loves a good book - thanks for recommending some to her!

Nicki said...

i never would have picked up on the whole italics quotes thing!

LauraK said...

thanks for the recommendations! I always love to read books with dogs in them :) I'll especially have to check out the book with the dachshund going through paralysis, because 3 months ago- that happened to our little doxie :( thankfully, she's "walking" again, but the topic sure hits close to home. great idea about posting book recommendations, i'll have to do it as well, because I've read some great ones and always love to share!

thanks for the encouragement about agility :) it's been a rough month- but after class last night, we've got our fire back again and are ready to get out there and compete!

Diana said...

Wow, working, training dogs and reading 3 books, Im impressed. How do you have time to do all that? LOL Thanks for the book review. Diana