Thursday, June 25, 2009

stop saying my name

Mommy says, "Misty!"

"Why do you keep saying my name, mom?"

Misty's hearing has definitely improved since getting some of the wax dissolved. However, I'm going to start teaching her some hand signals now, while she still can hear, just in case. Might as well teach Oreo as well.

We went to agility class last night. Oreo did really well. He was a little out of sorts at first, but it has been two weeks since our last class. Once he got reacclimated he was fine.

I used my clicker when Oreo was on the dogwalk, and clicked when he was on the down plank.

I asked one of my classmates, who gives great advice, what I could do to make Oreo go faster on the dogwalk. She said, "I don't think Oreo is that slow on the dogwalk. I think he is slow in general, because he is sticking close to you. Why don't you try sprinting next to the dogwalk."

During our last turn, I sprinted past the dogwalk and Oreo really picked up speed - he was almost running on the dogwalk. I clicked for that. Of course, there was no one nearby for him to stop and look at. Next week, I may have some classmates sit near the dogwalk, and be "ring crew", just to prep him for Saturday's trial.

When I was turning into the driveway for our class, I was looking at the cows (as I always do). I noticed one laying down. It was a baby cow, still covered in its mother's placenta. Momma was licking her baby clean.

Cool stuff.

If it had been a human baby, I would have been completely grossed out.


Lian said...

I am so glad that Misty's hearing is back! What a relief!

Diana said...

Its great that Misty is hearing again. Oreo will get faster, try not to worry to much. Good luck this weekend. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's so great that Misty is hearing better now. The hand signals are a good idea though. I never thought about that.

Good luck with your trial! I think Oreo will end up being a very fast dog! So no need to worry!

Baby cow - that's very cool! It will be fun to see it grow up.

Dawn said...

Hand signals now are a very good idea. She will learn quickly and it will stand you in good stead later if you need them.

Good luck Saturday!!!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Great that Misty can hear again and a good idea to learn her some hand signals when she still can hear a little. Looking forward to hear about her/your training with handsignals :o)


Nicki said...

Oh I'm the same way about human babies-so gross. Although watching a mother cat eat placenta did gross me out too. But human childbirth, definately worse.