Thursday, June 4, 2009

special package!

We got a special package in the mail, in fact it was stamped "royal mail"! How special is that?

You see, we won "honorable mention" in Ludo's "guess the guests" contest, and today we received our lovely prizes all the way across the ocean from England!

And do you know what was inside? Two miniature, clay sculptures of Misty and Oreo! They are just wonderful. Misty's facial expression is sooooo, well, Misty. Oreo looks like he is going for his orbee, which is his favorite position! Oreo even has one ear up, one ear down (we always say his Native American name would be "Broken Ear").

Just look at how cute they are:

We can't thank Dee and Ludo enough. These will be treasures in our home forever! How kind of her to put all that time into creating these two sculptures.

OK, Oreo and Misty were not nearly impressed with the sculptures as me. However, they were overly enthusiastic about the other gift in the box - homemade treats!!!!!

The temptation.

Oreo is not so polite.
Misty takes it gently.
Oreo bites the head off first. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much Dee and Ludo! You're the best!
Dee, I think you can go into business. Maybe open a shop that sells clay dog figurines and dog treats! My dogs would certainly like me to buy some of your treats.


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, those are BEAUTIFUL! Dee could definitely go into business selling those! Look at Oreo's eyes, when he's going for that treat, the eyes of a crazy dog! LOL! And Misty is such a gentle sweet soul. Good job guys!

dad said...

from across the pond. what a wonderful surprise and tailored to your dogs.

Diana said...

Those are gorgeous!! Well done Dee and Ludo!!! Diana

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

those are lovely! They are quite a talented duo!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The figurines are awesome! I agree that Dee and Ludo should go into business - they are so creative!

betty said...

Your Bloggers are special Dog People. Ludo and Dee share their love, imagination and talent. They are fun and are having fun. They, also, have a good eye. Regal Misty and Flying Oreo capture the great personalities of your dogs. The figurines are awesome.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Glad you like them. :) I'm soo gonna do Oreo again someday. I can see the improvement from his number to Misty's lol. Did you find the little agility jump in the packaging? It's probably hard to tell that's what it's meant to be.

Sara said...

I did find the agility jump. One small piece had broken off, but I think I can fix it, I just need to get some good glue.

I am amazed at the detail you were able to put into the figurines. Every time I look at them, I discover something new - like Oreo's freckles on his nose!

You really have talent :)

Lacy said...

w00fs Sara and pups, its nice to meet u, me iz, those are just loves Ludo and mum..

b safe,

madcobug said...

What a cute package you got. They did great on that project. Helen