Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oreo's first CPE trial

We started our day with a jumpers round. CPE jumpers is jumps and tunnels. The course was pretty easy. A lot of lines of straight jumps, with one serpentine. Oreo popped out of one tunnel, but even that wasn't called as a fault. We had technical difficulties with the video camera, so it will all have to live in my memory! I was thrilled with his run. We Q'd and came in second place, out of 7 dogs. Course time was 47 seconds, and we finished in 34.28.

Our standard run was great as well. Unfortunately, during our run they realized the clock had not been reset. I heard a buzzer go off, but I kept running Oreo through the entire course. Oreo had a perfect run. No faults, and very little looking around.

The judge came over to me, and said, "I have no doubt that you met standard course time, and I will give you that, but it could effect your placement. So, you can rerun the course after all the other dogs have gone."

I agreed to do that. So, our second try was purely for time. They took our zero faults from our first run. All Oreo had to do was all the obstacles.

This run was a bit slower. Oreo stopped on the dogwalk to look around, which he didn't do the first time.

So, when I went to see how we did compared to the other dogs, I was shocked when I saw the number "1" next to Oreo's name!

Yep, we came in First! Out of 7, and several of them were pretty darn good. I really was not expecting first place.

So glad I took the judge up on her offer!

Standard course time was 68 seconds, we ran it in 42.64.

Here is the video of the beginning/end of our first run. My camera guy shut the camera off when the person said "stop", so we will never know what Oreo's real time was on that run. I was hoping to watch the video and find out. Then, you get to see his first place run.

These CPE courses seemed very easy to me. I'm glad we started at level 2, not Level 1. I think we could have even started at level 3. We'll see how we do when we enter some of the games though. Strategy is not my thing.

"Can I just take a nap now? I think I've earned it!"


dad said...

the time i got using my watch was 42 and 16/60. not sure if they give you the point out of 60 or if they do the math. so my watch was pretty accurate.

Dawn said...

Don't know why I feel so proud of Oreo, it's not like I train him! LOL! But man he looked good, and like he was having fun, which is the main thing. Good boy Oreo. Now go take that nap!

betty said...

Chicken skin and ditto how Dawn feels. What a dog!

madcobug said...

A big hug to Oreo and you. Helen

Nicki said...

That's awesome. It's so great when all that hard work pays off

Diana said...

That looked great!! Good job. Oreo looked really good and more confident then last time. Congrats. Diana

LauraK said...

you guys looked awesome out there! nice job on the first and Q!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations Oreo and Sara! What a terrific job! Ist place out of 7 is great! Can't believe you had to run the entire course over again. Crazy!

Oreo looks great and seems more confident than ever! Way to go!

Lian said...

WooHoo! Fantastic! Oreo looks so good im the run. Your hard work has paid back.

Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations - well done :o)