Saturday, June 6, 2009

fixed jump

In the box of goodies from Ludo and Dee, were pieces for a jump to go along with Oreo's figurine. Misty had a fluffy, stuffed bone (her favorite toy).

Unfortunately, one part of the jump (a part that held the jump bar) had broken off during shipment. Thank goodness that was the only thing that broke in the box!

I went to the store today to buy some super glue to try and repair it. While looking at the myriad of choices of super glue (there are so many!), I saw the fun tack (poster board adhesive) and thought that might be a better idea. I was just imagining making a big mess with the glue, and ending up with my fingers glued together.

With a little molding of the fun tack, I was able to put the jump back together. I mounted it to an index card with some more fun tack to give it added stability, and voila! Isn't it cute?

For the past few weekends, Jeff has been building me a piece of furniture to store all my dogs' supplies. Yes, I have so much dog stuff, it needs its own storage unit! Once Jeff is done applying the polyurethane, the top shelf will hold Oreo's agility ribbons, some photos, and Dee's figurines! I'll post a photo when it is all done.


Diana said...

That turned out so cute. I cant wait to see the box. Diana

Josh and Jess said...

Well done, Sara, it looks great :)


Pawsome figurine. You did an excellent repair job.

Dawn said...

Very very cool! Looks just like Oreo!