Saturday, June 27, 2009

extreme socialization

I took the dogs over to my parents' house last night, since my sister and my two nephews (ages 3 & 7) were visiting from out of town.

My mom's friend and her granddaughter were also visiting.

The dogs got a dose of extreme socialization!

While the boys went swimming, Kara, age 5, took charge of Misty. She wanted Misty to walk around the yard with her. Misty wanted to stay by my side. I gave Kara some treats, and Misty started to follow her wherever she went.

Misty even sat and gave her paw.

After about a half hour, even shy Oreo had to see what all the fuss was about. He walked over to Kara, and took treats out of her hand. He also offered his paw for Kara.

That was a big step for Oreo. Usually he won't take food from other people, unless he is very close to me. Kara was very gentle, and soft spoken, so I think that helped.

When the boys got back home, it got much louder! Oreo didn't quite know what to make of it all.

We sat down to eat dinner, and Misty stood right next to my eldest nephew, who proceeded to feed her an entire piece of pizza.

Theo said, "She isn't going away."

Nope. She was in love.

After dinner, the boys went outside to play ball. I brought Oreo outside, thinking he might want to play ball too. He preferred to hide under a chair. I think it may have been the baseball bats that were freaking him out.

Oreo did let both the boys pet him, without trying to squirm away. He also performed his bag of tricks.

Overall, I was very pleased with both dogs, given the unusual situation I had put them in. I was also impressed with all the kids for being so gentle and patient with the dogs.

Hopefully, this experience will help Oreo build confidence. I gave him lots of treats, meatballs and chicken, to make it as positive as possible.


betty said...

Nothing like a "Gathering of the Tribe" to fill us with joy. You were happy. Misty and Oreo felt the love and were happy.
The love of pizza works, too.

Dawn said...

Heck, I'd give paw too if I could get free pizza! Good job doggies! See, not all strangers are strange! Katie won't take food from anyone but me either..though she is beginning to accept it from the doggie school trainers. Sometimes.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to know that Misty and Oreo did well with your family gathering. It's nice not having to worry about your dogs around kids, etc. Treats and slices of pizza always help!

Dad said...

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