Monday, May 18, 2009

tunnel work

Here is a video of some tunnel practice that Lian suggested. I started with using Oreo's ball at the end of the tunnel, and later switched to treats. I wanted to watch the video to see which made Oreo drive faster. Hard for me to tell. With the ball, he keeps running after the tunnel, while the treats make him stop. However, the treats may be creating more drive into the tunnel.

Regardless, Oreo seemed to LOVE this game. So, we will keep playing, and I will keep moving myself further away from the tunnel. Plus, we still have one more element to add - a jump after the tunnel. I didn't want to overdo it though. I switched between running with him, and standing still to try and keep his motivation up.

I think I need to increase my verbal cues and cheerleading. When we practice, I tend to concentrate too much, and forget to root for Oreo!

Sorry we're off camera in a few spots.

After dinner, I went back outside, and just for kicks said "go tunnel". Well, Oreo ran straight across the yard into the tunnel!!!!!!

He got lots of orbee time after that.


Diana said...

He did look faster for the food. What if you threw the ball as he comes out of the tunnel? It really looks good. Is the tunnel tacked down, I couldnt tell? Diana

Lian said...

I prefer the orbee than the food with this tunnelling work. To me, I think he looks happier and faster with the orbee at the end waiting. Like Diana said, roll the ball to see if that makes him go faster. And yes, you need to peg the tunnel down. With a steady tunnel, you can increase speed too.

Sara said...

The tunnel wasn't staked - but I will do that.

I did throw his ball last night after he tunneled, and that worked really good, now that he is going into the tunnel from somewhat of a distance.

I'll try again after work today.

Thanks for all your suggestions Diana and Lian!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is going faster through the tunnel already - he will soon be Miley/Sizzle fast!!! Good work!

Dawn said...

I liked watching Misty watching you guys, then wandering off to check the fence line! :)