Thursday, May 21, 2009

thanks to my team of experts

I took Oreo to an agility class last night, and was anxious to try out our newly acquired skill, "send to tunnel".

The first course we did was all jumps, with one tunnel. I tried to send Oreo into the tunnel from about 6-8 feet away. He headed right toward the tunnel, went in, must have realized I wasn't following him, and came out. Darn.

I ran with him, then he took the tunnel and I made a big deal out of it.

We tried the sequence again, and the second time, he did go into the tunnel, just the wrong end. I said, "I'll take it!" He went into the tunnel, and came driving out. Yes!

We repeated a few jumps and the tunnel one more time, and this time everything worked. We had distance, the right entrance, and drive coming out. I was really happy.

The next sequence involved more equipment. My teacher had a course set up already, but she decided to put out another set of cones for Oreo. He needed a more challenging course than the other dogs! Imagine that.

Oreo was so excited to get out on the field. I took off his leash, and he went running straight to the gate. He did great on his tunnels. I was able to get to our next obstacle while he was in the tunnel. This made him really speed up. As soon as Oreo caught a glimpse of me when he was rounding the bend in the tunnel, he really started running. In one sequence, we did tunnel, jump, weaves. My teacher said his weaves that time were really fast. I think it all had to do with the tunnel.

Oreo also didn't stop at the top of the dogwalk to look around. He wasn't running at top speed, but he was definitely faster and more focused than usual. This was impressive, because my teacher did have a few of her own dogs out in her yard, which Oreo usually would stop to look at.

Overall, I was really happy. I am going to keep doing our tunnel exercises, along with the "go on" work, since it seems to be working!

Thanks again to everyone who gave me tips and suggestions. It's so nice having my own team of experts to turn to!

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Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hurray! Glad to hear all your practicing at home is paying off and that Oreo did so well in his class! Sending to the tunnel is fun and I should be practicing more of that too!