Saturday, May 30, 2009

table, jumps, and some ghetto cones

This morning, I worked briefly on sends to table. I started by putting a target with treats on the table. That worked great. Oreo went right to the target without hesitation.

However, after several repetitions, I took the target away, and I wasn't able to get as much distance as I had hoped. We'll keep practicing with the target. I guess I wanted too much too soon. I was able to send him from the end of the tunnel to the table.

I am sure we will be doing some table sends at my seminar tomorrow, as it is based on prepping for the CPE nationals. I am hoping to learn a lot about how the games are played and some strategies for the best way to handle them.

Here is a video of our table send practice. In CPE, you just need to get on the table, not sit/down. I use "splat" for when I want Oreo to go to the table and lay down. So, that is why he is just jumping on the table.

Later in the day, I set up a jump square and did some short sequences. I made myself a set of cones, out of a cheap set of plastic tumblers I found at the grocery store. I used a sharpie to write the numbers on the cups. This made it so much easier for me! Now, I don't have to carry the book/magazine around with me, turning it this way and that, trying to remember the course. I'm very excited. I searched the web/target/the depot for some cheap cones, but I didn't even want to pay a dollar for each (am I cheap or what). These were 4 for $1! Bargain. My students would call them "ghetto".


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey, great idea about using plastic tumblers as cones!!

All your practicing is looking good!

Anonymous said...

jeff is rubbing off on you.

Marybeth said...

My clients are always telling me my office supplies are ghetto. Our office manager does heavily rely on the dollar store!