Monday, May 11, 2009

still trying for more speed

Here is a video of a bit of our tug game. Some days, we just play "chase me" with the tug toy. The past few days, I've been trying to work the game into Oreo's startline routine (lets me get a running start), that is what you will see in the video.

One of my classmates, who is also an instructor, suggested playing chase, and to not give Oreo the toy until he catches me. Well, Oreo catches me pretty fast! If anyone has any suggestions about how I could be utilizing this game in a better way to increase his speed and motivation, I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Here's a video of a sequence we practiced yesterday. When I was running with Oreo, I felt like I was doing long lead outs, and creating distance after the tunnel. However, when I looked at the video, it didn't look that way at all! What is up with that? Can I keep blaming things on the camera angle?

Lian, my agility guru, had said that having the dogs watch each other doing agility would make them "keener" when it was their turn. Lian, you were right again! I think having them "wait their turn" on the table is really making a difference. Oreo got quite annoyed at one point (I edited his annoying barking out), when Misty got more than her fair share of time with the obstacles. I think that is helping Oreo pick up speed as well, at least at home.


dad said...

I think that all the turns you have to do in your yard slow you down. rule of thumb for five k races was the fewer the turns the faster the race. oreo doesn't have to slow down to make a turn but you do. jeff has to get you a bigger space.


Sara said...

Yea, I don't think that is going to happen. Jeff is already thinking like you - assisted living facilities - oh, I mean maintenance free communities.

Funny how I don't think the maintenance would be "free". Might as well just keep paying the lawn guy.

My only hope is finding a big piece of flat land, with a tiny house and HUGE garage! That would be our perfect home. Oh yea, and it has to be close to work and my agility school!

Diana said...

Well, I think its looking better. I would probably throw the toy. So when oreo is driving towards you, keep that drive by throwing the toy. And maybe add the cue "go on" when you throw the toy. That way he learns "go on" means to drive on down the line. He should want to play tug with you and bring the toy back to you to play tug. Maybe just set up a speed circle. So the dog gets use to you not being right there. So a test, set up a tunnel and say, "tunnel". Will he run and take the tunnel? or do you have to bring him to the tunnel. If you have a jump and without moving, say "jump", will he go jump. Work that so you are farther and farther from the jump and he goes on his own and takes the jump or tunnel. If you cant get him to do those things , use target plates at frist. This will take time, so dont expect a huge difference right away. Trust your dog to know his job. You dont need to bring him to every jump. If he misses, so what, he is learning and you want speed. ALso ,it is hard to practice in a little yard. I have the same problem. Diana

Dawn said...

I think it's just amazing that either dog will wait on the table while you work with the other one!

Greg S said...

I think rather than the table, I would have them wait on a blanket or some designated spot. I wouldnt want to develop any kind of association with the table and not getting to play agility.
Chase games are good - I play those with my young guy Rip.

Sara said...

Thanks for all those suggestions Diana! I will try that stuff.

Dawn, They are there is a leash tied to the table! They are not just waiting paitiently!

Greg - you make a good point. I know I have a tie out stake somewhere, I will try and dig that out and use that instead.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think Oreo is getting faster all the time!

(Mom's going to use Diana's advice for me too!)

madcobug said...

I was thinking they waited patiently sitting on that table until you explained they were on a lease LOL. It think they both are doing great, Oreo is really fast. I bet Misty could have gone really fast when she was young. The pictures in the entry below were really good. Helen