Thursday, May 7, 2009

reading and listening

Here's a video of some backyard practice.

I've entered Oreo and me in a couple runs in a June trial - a jumpers run and a standard run. This will be our first CPE trial, and our first trial in a new location. However, they are having run throughs the day before the trial. I am hoping to work my exam proctoring schedule out, so I can have that day off from work (or at least the afternoon). I think bringing Oreo to the run throughs the day before will help a lot. At least I hope! Food is allowed in the run throughs! I plan on giving him chicken for any obstacle he takes, or any time he looks at me. Happy, happy, happy.

In the beginner level of CPE, Oreo won't even have to do weaves or teeter! Seems silly. We could start in level 2, but I think we'll stick with level 1 and work our way up.

Anyway, my plan for the next few weeks is to work on weaves, jump sequences, and motivation. I am doing a lot of tugging games with Oreo in the yard. He seems to be loving that. Will he tug in class? Doubtful, but I am going to try. I've been reading a lot of articles and books about motivation and play. We do all the things they suggest at home, but for some reason, he is still too stressed to play in class, let alone a trial setting. He does do his tricks though. Somehow, I need to get creative, and figure out how to get his tricks to translate to speed in the ring.

Maybe I want too much, too fast. For now, I'll keep reading and listening and trying.


Dawn said...

He looks great!

Greg S said...

I've never done a CPE trial - we dont have them out here. Interesting that they dont have weaves in the beginner level.
Looks like Oreo is doing pretty good out there in your yard.

Sara said...

CPE is hugely popular here. Trials are held at least once a month, if not twice a month locally.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo looks terrific, Sara!

They have some CPE trials here but no DOCNA. Mostly AKC - almost one a month and sometimes more. Having a run-through at the trial site the day before is a great idea! Wish we had that here too!

Diana said...

We dont have CPE or DOCNA in South Carolina. In fact in the whole state, I think there are 6 tirals a year. Our club does 2 akc trials and there is another club that just started holding there 2 akc trials a year. And another club does 2 USDAA trials a year. So we usually go to other states to trial. Kinda pathectic (sp?) HUH? Diana

madcobug said...

I thought Oreo did great. Good luck in the CPE trails. I believe Oreo will do really well. Helen