Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oreo's 7

We were tagged by Dawn and Katie to list Oreo's favorite 7 things. I think we've done something similar before, but maybe his list has changed as he has er, matured...

Here is what Oreo told me are his 7 favorite things:

1. Misty chasing me. I let her catch me. Really. She couldn't catch me if I didn't let her. She tries though.
2. My orbee ball. I like catching it in mid air, and then running away so Mommy has to chase me to get it back. She can't catch me either! Sometimes the ball bounces over the fence and Mommy has to go fish it out of the creek. That is really funny. Her feet come back all muddy, and the ball smells soooooo good! Daddy had to fish it out of the toilet though. Mommy refused. I don't see what the problem was.

3. My cookie after dinner. Oh yea, and dinner isn't so bad either. Snack time is pretty cool too. Oh yea, and Daddy gives me cheerios every morning. Some days, he gets up late and I have to pounce on him to get him out of bed. Geez, what a dog has to do to get his fiber.

4. Escaping from my seat belt and getting to leap into the front seat! Who says you need thumbs to undo a latch? I really am so clever.

5. Tugging. You should see how strong I am. I am Super Dog!

6. Eating the plants in my garden. Yum. Wanna try some? I recommend the echinacea leaf. Mommy says it is good for the immune system - whatever that is.

7. Kong time when Mommy leaves in the morning with her big bag. Then, when she comes back later, with the big bag, and gives me a treat for jumping all over her when she comes in the door. Then, we go outside and play ball, do agility games, tug, or chase.

Ah, life is good when you are me, Oreo cookie dog.
Oh yea, and Mommy said I have to say that I think Katie is really pretty. I guess. If you like girls that is.


Dawn said...

Awwww...Katie is really smitten now!

Diana said...

That's funny. My husband gives the dogs each 2 cheerios every morning too. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I sometimes get cheerios as treats for tricks - I like them!